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Channeled Message: Do I Need New Photographs for My Business?

Channeled Message: Do I Need New Photographs for My Business?

I've been feeling a strong desire to channel entities like Abraham Hicks and Oron in my work. This week, I managed to align myself to that idea and I created my first channeled podcast/blogpost!

I asked the question to a higher source (I did not obtained a name as of yet but did determine in the call that it was a more "feminine" source) about getting new photographs for my business. I've been concerned that my current portrait photography would not resonate with my clients and attract customers into her business. This is what Source had to say:


Zoe today has a question concerning her business. She wants to know if her photography on her website is one that will inspire others to come and view her work.

And we say to her: it does not matter. Not in the way that you think.

You're concerned that the energy of the photograph taken when it was is the energy that will carry forward in how people view your work.

But energy does not work this way. It is not the photo of the past when it was taken, at that set-point, that determines how people will respond to it. It is instead your current vibration, the vibration of now, that has inspired you to choose those photographs that you portray on your website.

So these photographs are instead a reflection of what it is that you are currently feeling, what you currently represent.

And so, you are inspired to take new photos, not entirely from a place of true, pure, loving inspiration, but instead, from a place of fear.

Fear that you do not, will not, be perceived as professional enough. Fear that what you are doing, currently from your set-point, is not enough.

And so, we want to say to you: that your photos ARE enough. YOU are enough. And what you must do, is you must find within yourself the knowledge that you are enough.

The key to safety, the question that you have been struggling with, is to KNOW that YOU are enough.

Despite your history, despite your current conditions and how you view them from your current perspective, you must know, you must say to yourself: you are enough.

Repeat this as your mantra, post this everywhere. Create 100 stickies* and, put it around your room, like you did, a long time ago, when you decided that you needed to feel okay.

Continue with that, with that process. Set up 100 stickies and put them everywhere and tell yourself that you are enough.

And, as you continue to do this, you will notice your vibration rise. You will start to believe this mantra to be true. Do not worry if this mantra is too far away from you currently, from which you currently stand. It will be relevant to you.

I know you concern yourself about such things. That if you tell yourself what you perceive to be a lie, that you will continue in the vibration of this.

And you already know the answer to this. You know that, that is not true from where you are currently standing in terms of the energy of you are enough. You are, in fact, quite close to that.

So do not concern, do not worry, relax. Know that what you are doing is enough, and what you are being, and what you are saying, and what you are feeling is enough.

And yes, you have gotten the hint that this vibration, this energy that is talking to you now, is, in fact, slightly different from the one that you were talking to privately off of this recording.

This is because this is a feminine energy that is coming in, because it is the one that you need to hear now, and the one that you choose, that you wish to put out in the world.

It is to know that you are enough, and that you, dear listener, listening to this podcast, you are enough. And that you can go forth, and you do not need to worry about the energy of the past.

A photograph is not a set-point of the past, it is simply a reflection, from you from your current self, to view you upon which how you felt in the past and how you feel moving forward.

So, this is the energy, this is the information that we wish to transcribe to you right now. We can feel Zoe's inner resistance to continuing with this because this is her first time in doing this in such a public, visible way, and she's concerned.

And we want to say to her: do not be concerned. You are enough. What you are doing is enough.

And as we wish to say to you, dear listener, dear reader, if you are one who's choosing to obtain this information in the form of a transcript: you are enough. You are enough. You... are enough.

(Zoe deeply sighs)

And with that, we love you. And we wish you the most joyous creation you could possibly have. Goodbye, and go forward with love.


If you are interested in working with me, I am quite excited about the idea of trying to channel with other people for free in exchange for being allowed to post the audio recording online on my blog & podcast. I've never channeled with someone else before, but if you are interested in trying it out with me contact me at and we can arrange a time!

*The stickies are in reference to an exercise I completed years ago around the same time I first discovered the Law of Attraction and energy work. I was seeing a wonderful hypnotherapist who gave me a task after our first session to take an entire pack of stickie notes, write "I am calm inside" on each one, and stick them everywhere around my room and bathroom. Every time I saw one of the stickie notes, I was to stop and say to myself "I am calm inside". The exercise proved to be quite useful and I started experience profound shifts from depression to an overall more neutral emotional state.

Channeled Message: Do I Need New Photographs for My Business?


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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