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A Law of Attraction Tip: Sometimes, Things Take Time

Author's Note (Feel Free to Skip):

I know that I have essentially come back from the dead almost a year after writing my last blog post. I don't feel inspired quite yet to talk about why it's taken me a year to start writing again, but I feel that it will come up soon enough.

But I do want to talk a little bit about some major changes to my website I'm planning on making to this website. I don't have everything aligned fully yet, but I will keep you all posted.

For now my 2 main changes will be this:

1. The major thing that I am going to take away for the moment is the ability to do coaching with me. I would like to focus on writing for a while, and I intend (for now) to bring back my coaching services at a later date.

2. I also think that my writing focus overall will be less technical and more experiential. Instead of writing "this is how the Law of Attraction works" articles, I find the most joy and inspiration in writing about how small lessons or experiences in my everyday life relate to the Law of Attraction. I hope that you find these stories and lessons relatable too.

It Took Him 2 Years to Manifest a Website

A couple of months ago I got a job as a web designer, and today on our Slack channel one of my coworkers posted a website she had finished for a client and wrote “it took two years, but we finally got this website done!”

Feeling curious about this, I checked out the email chain and… indeed, we had first started the design process with this client in 2020.

Wow, I thought. Two whole years. This fella must have gone through one helluva pandemic.

But at the same time, I felt really proud of this client. He must have had a lot of things come up in his life, but he still eventually pulled through and gave us what we needed so we could make his website a reality.

Your perspective on timing is dependent on your vibrational alignment

It’s made me think back to some of my own desires and manifestations that have taken longer than I’ve wanted (for instance, getting back to writing this blog).

It’s something that from a lower vibration you can view as proof that you’re no good at this Law of Attraction manifestation thing, or you can see it as proof that things will work out in the end.

It took me 20 years to manifest a cat

For a personal example, something I have wanted since I was about 5 years old is to own an orange tabby cat. I absolutely love cats and if you want some proof, here’s a drawing I made of one in MS Paint when I was about that age:

Finally, at the age of 26, I was able to adopt an adorable orange kitty. Here’s a picture of her because, to be honest, I partly want to brag about how cute she is:

Now, I could look back at the fact that it took me over 20 years to adopt a cat as a failure on my part to manifest what I really wanted. That the Universe hates me and wants to block my ability to achieve my dreams. Or, I can step back and review why it took me so long to get there, and realize that it was for pretty logical reasons.

To start, I lived with my family who didn’t want cats and/or was allergic until I was 18 years old. I then spent the next 8 years of my life moving around, including living overseas. I have had over 10 different addresses in the last 10 years!

Realistically, I just wasn’t in the right space for me to get a cat, and the Universe knew this too. Now that I have settled down a bit and have the time, money, and stability to feel comfortable (i.e., truly aligned with) adopting a pet, I have not only manifested an orange kitty, but also one of the friendliest cats with the exact temperament that I wanted. One that snuggles with me all day and really loves me. Here's some proof:

Sometimes manifestations take time

Sometimes things take time because it really isn’t the right moment to manifest them. If you acknowledge this and trust that what you want will come, you are on the right vibrational track.

And if you don’t trust that it will come, that’s okay, you just need to raise your vibration a bit. Take some time to have a constructive anger release, and you will soon find yourself aligned to getting what you want. You’ll get there. 🐈🧡


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Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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