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About Me

What if facing your fears could be
easy and fun?

Hi, I’m Zoe. I’m a Law of Attraction expert who helps you manifest your dream life by clearing your limiting beliefs for good.


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Manifesting is twofold-
I teach you how to use both methods.

When you think of the Law of Attraction (LOA), chances are you think “like attracts like - so think positively!”


And most LOA teaching methods only focus on this aspect. Thinking positive IS an important aspect to manifesting, but what do you do if how you genuinely feel (be honest) is angry or crappy? What if thinking positively feels impossible?  


I am here to tell you - you are NOT doing it wrong. You are not using LOA incorrectly if you do not feel 100% happy all of the time, because negative emotions are actually a helpful tool! They are telling you how you honestly feel. What makes negative emotion unhelpful is if you resist them - which ironically causes you get stuck in them!


Fortunately, I can teach you Law of Attraction techniques that allow you to acknowledge your negative emotions and shift them so that they naturally dissipate and you feel better. 

Positive Thinking +
Facing Negative Emotions =

I use a Law of Attraction framework called the Emotional Guidance Scale to help you achieve your goals and dreams. You can read more about it here, but at its core I assist you in getting what you want by using these 2 methods: 


1. Helping you get clear on what it is that you REALLY want (minus the fluff of what you think you “should” do), allowing you to raise your vibration and energy towards that goal

2. Uncovering and working through the fears and limiting beliefs so they no longer hold you back and you can manifest what you want easily to you


Both of these aspects are necessary in manifesting, but most methodologies only focus on the first one. My goal is not only to help you think more positively, but also learn how to have fun clearing out negative beliefs so you can become fully aligned to your desires and create your dream life!

Why I Got into the
Law of Attraction

After suffering years of anxiety and depression, I felt hopeless and lost. At 19 years old, I begged for someone to give me an answer to what was wrong with me.


And Spirit answered. I was guided by my intuition (I didn’t know what that was at the time) to walk into a metaphysical shop and found an Abraham Hicks book and discovered the Law of Attraction. 


It was exactly what I was looking for. As it turns out, what was wrong with me was my thinking. I simply needed to think more positively, and things would start to work out better for me. 


I was quickly able to use LOA to get a boyfriend, get a huge scholarship to a new school, and feel better overall. It felt like nothing could tear me down.


Until something did. 


Several years later, my 3-year-old sister was diagnosed with leukemia. 

What Did I Do Wrong?

Naturally, I was devastated, and also terribly confused on how I could have manifested something so awful. I was so good at thinking positively - what did I do wrong? 


So I tried harder than ever to “think positive” - I focused on my delicious morning coffees, blue skies, and my other family member’s wellness. And those things were good. But despite my attempts to find the silver lining, a storm cloud approached, and one day formed into a hurricane that I could no longer ignore. 


I totally lost it. Crying, screaming, and letting out months of pain and frustration in a session. And after it was done, I felt a lot better. Things didn't feel as bad as they felt before. I also realized something very important: ignoring my negative emotions was very unhealthy. Something was STILL wrong with my thinking!


My negative emotions were trying to tell me something - that THIS SUCKS - and I was trying so desperately to ignore them so I would not have to feel them. I literally had to manifest my sister getting cancer so I could learn how to admit to myself when things feel bad! 

Why Facing My Fears Is Now Fun!

Thankfully, these days my little sister is healthy and happy, and in the process I learned a huge lesson about LOA. You see, the Law of Attraction is not about total pain avoidance. Instead, it is a tool which you can use to learn how to feel better by not only thinking positive, but by embracing and working through (and with) your negative emotions. 


And when you learn how to accept and embrace the negative emotions, it becomes… kind of fun! I’m serious! When you know for certain that you will never be stuck forever in your negative emotions, then you aren’t afraid of your feelings anymore. And when you are no longer afraid of feeling uncomfortable, then nothing can stop you. That is when you learn how to manifest on a whole new level.


After discovering this for myself, my passion has been to teach others how to embrace and use all of their emotions, both "good" and "bad", to manifest what they want. In 2018 I became certified from the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy as an Inspired Spirit Coach, and have loved providing LOA tips and tricks ever since! 

Fun Facts About Me 

Image by Nicole Baster

I Lived in Belgium

I’m from the United States but lived in Belgium for 2 years. The chocolate there really is as good as they say.

Image by Stefan Cosma

My fav show is Star Trek

I even met my husband at a Star Trek-themed pub crawl. Don’t ask me to pick my fav Star Trek series though!

Image by Egor Kunovsky

I Adore Geese

They are mean and petty creatures but for some reason they spark joy! I visit them often in the local park.

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