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The Official Bio

Zoe Alexander is a Law of Attraction expert and spiritual life coach. In 2018, she became certified as an Inspired Spirit Life Coach from the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy and completed 30 hours of coaching.


She has studied the principles of the Law of Attraction for 5 years and uses her skills as an empath, coach, and writer to teach about the Law of Attraction in practical, easily-applicable ways.


The “Getting Real” Personal Bio: 

Like many Law of Attraction practitioners, I first learned about LOA after hitting rock-bottom depression, and desperately needing to find a way to happiness. And it worked - for a while. 


But unlike many Law of Attraction practitioners, after finding LOA, I then manifested something horrific (my sweet baby sister getting cancer) and then fell into depression AGAIN. At this lowest point, I asked myself, "Where did I go wrong?" and broke down and let myself feel the sadness.

Positive Thinking Only Gets You So Far

And from this space, I learned what LOA is REALLY about - beyond the basics of saying affirmations, creating vision boards, and trying to “think positive.” 


You see, what I discovered is that these tools work when you already feel mostly positive about what you’re trying to manifest. 


But for the REALLY hard stuff - maybe that’s weight loss, money, your soulmate, family sickness - that requires more in-depth tools. It requires not pretend positivity, but instead radical acceptance of your negative beliefs and of where you currently are.

What Do You Mean By “Radical Acceptance of Your Negative Beliefs”?

We tend to vilify our emotions. Sadness or anger are “bad” in our minds, and this belief is espoused by a lot of LOA teachers. 


But this isn’t really true - your sadness and anger are there for a reason. They’re there to show you that you have limiting beliefs to work through - and that you have to let yourself FULLY FEEL them in order to let them go. 


Now this doesn’t mean that you should go screaming at your boss or your kids. This is internal work, and the boss and kids are just a representation of your perceived powerlessness (aka, it’s not really about them, it’s about you). 


But by learning the techniques to work through the vibrational scale, and allowing yourself to feel where you’re at fully because you trust yourself to feel better in the end, something amazing starts to happen: you no longer fear your negative emotions. 


And when you let go of that fear, that is POWERFUL. Any limitation or negative belief becomes temporary. You start to even enjoy it a little bit when your negative emotions come up, because it gives you a chance to have something to work through. You become empowered. 


My goal is to help you on your journey to empowerment.