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Do You Love the Law of Attraction but Find You're Still Stuck on Manifesting That "One Thing"?

Good news! That is totally normal and I can help you work through it.

You're at the Right Spot if This Sounds Like You...

Chances are, you have that “one thing” that seems to elude you no matter how many affirmations you say or vision boards you create. It might be weight, or money, or perhaps for you it is romance or health. You may even feel a little embarrassed or like you’ve “failed” the Law of Attraction because despite your best efforts, the thing you want is just not manifesting.


Now imagine that you had the proper tools and techniques to know what to do in this situation. Imagine you knew what to do when you felt sad or angry, and had the ability to fully release and heal from those feelings so they would never manifest for you again. You would live every day with ease and joy, knowing that you never had to be afraid of feeling afraid or powerless because you know how to work through it and feel fully empowered.

Hi, I'm Zoe. 

I’m a Law of Attraction coach dedicated to helping you release your stuck limiting beliefs so you can finally manifest your dream life! 

I studied LOA for 5 years but then after my little sister got cancer I found that the usual Law of Attraction tools were no longer working for me. I needed tools that not only helped me focus on the good things and what I wanted but could also help me clear out my limiting beliefs and know what to do when I felt like I just couldn’t be “happy enough”. 


After an intense, introspective journey, I found them! And since then I have been dedicated to teaching others these tools. In 2018, I received certification as an Inspired Spirit Coach from the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy and have loved coaching ever since. 



Simply Lovely Breakthrough

Work with me in a private 1:1 coaching session where I will assist you in getting clarity about your goals and easily release any limiting beliefs holding you back so you can manifest your dream life.

In your private coaching session, you will receive assistance in:

Getting clarity on what you REALLY want

Raising your vibration so you can energetically align with your desires

Knowing what to do when you feel sad or frustrated about your current situation

What's InCluded:

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1-Hour Private Remote Session

Can be done through Zoom audio or video

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


100% emotional support and compassion

I am here for you and will assist you in any way

What Clients Say

“Zoe has, through her patience and endless wealth of tools, taught me how to enjoy life again. But in doing so, she also gave me the many tricks and strategies to implement myself as I go along, thus making my own world all the brighter.”

-Sarah F

Simply Lovely Breakthrough


Still Not Sure?

Simply Lovely Breakthrough is a service that is guaranteed to radically change your life for the better. If you are unsatisfied with your results, I will refund you for your session.

If You're Looking for a Sign, This Is It.

You’ve struggled long enough to manifest what you want. You’re not failing to achieve your goals because you’re stupid or not trying hard enough - it’s simply because you haven’t been given the tools and assistance you need to know what to do when traditional LOA techniques are not working! Learn what to do when it seems impossible to raise your vibration and how to conquer your limiting beliefs once and for all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Law of Attraction Coaching?

Law of Attraction Coaching is a coaching framework in which I use Law of Attraction principles to help you achieve your dreams and manifest your desires by giving you a space to find clarity about what you want and release limiting beliefs as they come up.

Couldn’t I Do This Work on My Own?


Yes – and you should. You are very powerful - never forget this. Everybody has the ability to work on themselves and release limiting beliefs on their own.

What I offer instead is an accelerated path to reaching your goals. When you are really stuck on something, it can be easier to have someone else “hold the energy” for you (hold a higher vibration/more empowered belief on the topic) so that you can work through it more quickly. I am a neutral party that asks questions and gives you the space to work through your feelings, which make it easier for you to gain clarity about your desires and work through your fears.

Who LoA Coaching Is For

  • if you love and resonate with the Law of Attraction and the information on this website

  • if you enjoy gentle but direct assistance in your growth 

  • if you're ready and excited to make new changes in your life

Who LoA Coaching Is Not For

  • people seeking therapy

  • people who are uninterested in rapid change

  • people who are unwilling to feel momentarily uncomfortable in order to gain growth


Examples of Areas Covered in LOA Coaching

  • spirituality

  • self-esteem

  • mindset

  • abundance/wealth

  • relationships

  • beauty/health


Note: I focus on the energy/mindset of these issues - I do not give legal, financial, or medical advice.

What You Will Get Out of Coaching

You will find rapid change in your life. Problems seem to melt away and new opportunities and solutions will present themselves to you.


And most importantly, you will find that your mindset has changed. Your anxieties and anger will lessen or even evaporate, because you have let go of the energy holding you there. You will feel peace and joy.

Image by Linda Gerbec

Ready To Change Your Life?

Click below to sign up for a 1:1 session so you can get clarity on your goals, release your limiting beliefs once and for all, and manifest your dreams.

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