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This is why you haven’t manifested what you wanted

Almost everybody has at least “one thing” that they really want to manifest, but, despite their best efforts, hasn’t been able to.


Perhaps for you it is losing weight or finding your soulmate. Or maybe it’s landing your dream job or having more money in the bank.


The reason you haven’t manifested your desires is not because you are bad at manifesting. It’s not because you aren’t doing enough affirmations, daily gratitude lists, or designing the perfect vision board.


It’s because, at a deep level, you feel that you “need” what you want to manifest in order to allow yourself to be happy.


But the Universe doesn’t work that way.  


In fact, when you’re in the vibration of “need”, you are sending this message to the Universe: I don’t have what I want! I’m not happy!


And so the Universe responds to that frequency with the manifestation of… continually not giving you what you want.


From Need to Want

So the key to manifesting what you want, then, is taking yourself out of the vibration of “need” and putting yourself into the vibration of “want” or “would like”.


In this state, you say to yourself, “I want this thing to happen. I would like for it to be in my reality. But I don’t need it to manifest because I choose to be happy no matter what.” And when you don't need it, you have no resistance to it - so the Universe sends it to you!


But of course, the tricky part is, how do you move from “need” to “want” when you feel like you “need” the thing in order to be happy?


Common Law of Attraction teachings will tell you to just focus on what you want, and you will align to it.


And technically, in the long term, it does work this way.


But if you’re in the vibrational level of need and scarcity – feeling lack – it’s often too far or too uncomfortable of a jump to go all the way up to joy and abundance from such a low place.

But Hope Is Not Lost!

Fortunately, there are other LOA techniques specifically designed to shift you from lower vibrational levels of fear and powerlessness up to empowerment with ease.


Instead of telling you to “think positively”, they focus on honoring where you are at and allowing you to naturally work yourself up to joy instead of trying to force yourself to be somewhere emotionally that you are not.


My name is Zoe, and I am a Law of Attraction coach who helps you manifest that “one thing” you really want by using special LOA techniques to release your limiting beliefs with ease and shift your current vibration from lack to abundance.


I would love nothing better than to help you manifest what you want.


Book your first session with me, free of charge.


To get your free coaching, choose the date you want for your session, then click "Add a promo code" and type in:




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