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Why Bad Things Ever Happen According to the Law of Attraction

Why Bad Things Ever Happen According to the Law of Attraction

If the purpose of life according to the Law of Attraction is be happy and enjoy life, then why does anything bad ever happen?

This is a really great question, and note: how much the answer provided here resonates or not depends on how vibrationally close you are to accepting being in a space of non-judgment of what is. If this answer doesn't resonate, discarded it and find what works for you.

Events Are Neutral

Everything that happens in the world is inherently neutral. From a higher perspective, poverty is not better or worse than abundance. Ugliness no better or worse than beauty.

Instead, it is we humans who add judgment values to whether or not something is "good" or "bad". You look at what is, and then you decide if that is wanted or unwanted. You choose, whether consciously or not, to feel disempowered or empowered by the situation.

Indeed, the purpose of being able to provide such a judgement - "contrast" - is to give you a chance to step into a more empowered perspective. By knowing what it is that you do not like, you have then further refined for yourself what it is that you DO like - "I don't like feeling this way, but I do like feeling that way".

But because we have collectively been living in a place of powerlessness, what presents itself in the physical often feels really powerless and really bad. This is why we manifest things like starvation, disease, and war. We get asked to choose, "do you want this one shitty thing or this other shitty thing?" because our collective vibration is not high enough to see better options.

But this can be shifted.

Empowered Contrast

When you do the inner emotional work and release your limiting beliefs - the beliefs that tell you that you have to choose only between options that feel bad and you can't get what you want - then you start to see more options.

You are given the ability to choose between something you don't want and something that feels good. So you take the perspective that feels good (because even with our limiting beliefs, we will always choose the perspective that feels better from the options we can currently see), and your vibration rises.

And as you continue to go up the vibrational scale, the contrast becomes more and more fun. Instead of choosing between two shitty things, you get to choose between two delightful things. "Do you want to go to this party or that party? Do you want this ice-cream flavor or that one? Do you want to go to the Italian restaurant or Chinese restaurant tonight?"

Contrast starts to feel really good!

A Note on 2022

It's not a secret that in 2022 much of the world feels quite chaotic. Depending on your viewpoint, you may feel powerless over vaccine mandates and lockdowns inhibiting your freedom, powerless that people won't abide to them and keep you and everyone safe, or just frustrated that you feel pressured to choose a side in an unforgiving war.

While it may seem like everything is going to shit, this is a pretty natural process in our current evolution of humanity.

As I mentioned earlier, we humans have lived in a state of powerlessness for a long time. While some individuals have been more empowered than some (Jesus, Buddha, that one really cool neighbor), most of humanity has not been aware of and ready to fully step into their power.

Excitingly, this is finally starting to shift for us as a whole - and with that shift, comes bringing up everyone's fears and limiting beliefs so they can face them and shift them. And depending on your mix of empowering and limiting beliefs, this can feel very volatile.

But no matter what "side" you are on regarding the pandemic, if you can understand this you will be doing well: it is going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay. Trust in wellness, trust in health, provide everyone as much love and compassion as you currently can, and things will start to shift for the better. Tune yourself into as much goodness as you can.

It may take some time (shifted the entire vibration of humanity is no small task!), but it is all going to be alright. Shift yourself into empowerment as much as you can, and magic will follow.

If you are interested in learning more techniques to shift into personal empowerment, sign up for a session of Simply Lovely Breakthrough. In it I will help you get clarity about what it is that you really want (no more "shoulds!") and release the limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your dreams so you can manifest the perfect life you deserve.

Why Bad Things Ever Happen According to the Law of Attraction

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