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5 Tips to Become More Beautiful Using the Law of Attraction

image that reads, "5 Tips to Become More Beautiful Using the Law of Attraction"

Want to feel more beautiful? Read today's article to learn the 5 top tips to manifesting more beauty using the Law of Attraction.

1) Focus on 1 Thing You Like About Yourself

Many people fail to manifest what they want because they try to "jump" from there current lower vibration to a positive one that is too far away from where they are currently at. If you do not believe in this moment that you are beautiful, no matter how many times you try to affirm to yourself "I am beautiful", it is not going to work because your current energy isn't aligned with those words.

To help ease you to a higher vibration instead of trying to jump too far, an effective manifestation technique to use is pivoting. To "pivot", you simply think of a slightly better feeling thought that you can believe. This could be something like "I like my eyes" or "other people have been able to become beautiful; it could be possible for me." And then you find another slightly better feeling thought, and keep working your way up.

Note that the more limiting beliefs you have about being beautiful, the longer this process will most likely take and you might "waver" a bit between different energies. That's okay. Just start where you are and do as much energy work as you can in the moment, and take a break and distract yourself if you feel like you are getting stuck. You can always come back to it; you don't have to do it perfectly the first time.

2) Choose to See Beauty Around You as Proof That You Are Beautiful Too

One of the cool things about living life using a Law of Attraction lens is that you get to decide what your manifestations mean to you. You get to decide if something is a positive or a negative manifestation.

This means that you can choose to see beautiful men and women that you encounter as "proof" that you will never be beautiful - OR, you can take it as a sign that you are well on your way to manifesting that beauty within yourself! Decide that admiring their beauty is validation of your own growing beauty. Remember - what you focus on grows. Focusing on the abundance of beauty in the world will make you even more beautiful.

3) Remember That Beauty Is Subjective

Beauty standards change throughout decades and throughout cultures. This video from BuzzFeed is a good example of this:

As you can see, the ideal face and look literally changes from culture and decades. Give yourself permission to let go of needing to have the "ideal" body and look, because there is no one ideal. It constantly changes.

The same goes for fashion. The size and shape of fashionable heels, for instance, will change every couple of years because it pressures consumers to buy more in order to stay "hip." Instead, try to focus on what makes you feel beautiful and implement those looks and outfits into your life, even if they aren't "trendy."

4) Choose to Do Things That Help Make You Feel Beautiful

You don't have to spend 2 hours putting on makeup everyday or do a bunch of things that you really don't want to do in order to be beautiful. Making some simple changes to your outfits and beauty routine can have a profound impact in how you view yourself.

Building a capsule wardrobe of only clothes that look and feel great on you, for instance, will ensure that you are dressed only in your best every day. Painting your nails every week or doing a face mask can be a quick way to ensure that you feel put-together and pretty overall.

By making a commitment to take care of yourself, even if you don't feel "perfect", you are also showing the Universe that you care about yourself and you are ready to feel more beautiful. When you take yourself seriously and show up as the best version of yourself that you can, you will find that your self-esteem around your beauty increases and people respond in kind.

5) Acknowledge Any Limiting Beliefs You Have About Beauty

This is the trickiest one because oftentimes you are not aware that you have any limiting beliefs around getting what you want (why wouldn't you want to be gorgeous?), but sit with it for a minute and see if anything comes up.

For instance, some women will manifest weight gain if they are afraid of being assaulted or have been assaulted in the past. That weight is a literal layer of protection for them to feel safe. If this is the case for you, you may need to have an emotion release or anger release around story in order to be able to heal and feel like you can be both beautiful and safe.

Or you may have a fear of "outshining" your friends, particularly if part of your bond with them is the identification as an ugly or imperfect woman. Maybe your conservative parents will become upset about you being "immodest" if embrace your beauty. Do you think beautiful women are vain and you don't want to be vain? Take a few minutes and think of any limiting beliefs around what negative consequences you would have being beautiful, and feel them and release them. You get to create a reality in which you shine and others do too!


Hope you found today's article helpful. Let me know what your favorite beauty manifestation tip is in the comments section below!

image that reads, "5 Tips to Become More Beautiful Using the Law of Attraction"


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

Sign up to receive your FREE copy of the "4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires" e-book

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