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Hello, I'm Zoe.

I'm a Law of Attraction coach who helps you manifest your dreams when "thinking positive" isn't enough.


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About Simply Lovely Energy

When you first discovered the Law of Attraction, I bet you were thrilled. “Like attracts like?” So simple! That means if you think positively all the time about what you want, then you will manifest it easily and happily! Right…?


Yes – if you already feel mostly positive about getting what you want. But if you’re getting REALLY honest with yourself, chances are you’ve run into the problem: you have something in your life that you just can’t get happy about.


Maybe you’re overweight and can’t seem to think yourself slim. Maybe you want a boyfriend, or more money, but no matter how hard you try to envision having those things, you just end up feeling frustrated. And maybe you even feel a little shame about “failing” to correctly using the Law of Attraction.


This is because there is a common misunderstanding about positive thinking when using LoA. It's more nuanced. When not properly understood, "thinking positively" is a lot like taking a house filled with clutter and topping it with some pretty decorations. The decorations may certainly look nice, but until you deal with the clutter, you’re still living in a house filled with crap.

And you can’t manifest a nice clean house until you deal with your crap.


My goal is to help you declutter those negative feelings. You can think of me as a professional declutterer for your emotions. By providing you a framework to understand the purpose of all of your emotions, good and bad, I can help you work through and banish your negative emotions and fears once and for all so that you can finally manifest what you truly want.

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Wondering Why LoA Isn't Working for You?

Not manifesting what you want? It's most likely because you haven't learned what to do when "thinking positive" isn't working for you... 

Download the free 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires to learn the more nuanced approach to manifestation. 

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Like what you've read so far, but still want help with your "emotional decluttering"? 

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