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5 Tips to Become a Money Magnet

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What Does It Mean to Be a "Money Magnet" or a "Magnet of Wealth"?

Being a "money magnet" sure sounds cool, but what exactly does being a "money magnet" or "magnet of wealth" mean?

Quite simply, it is a metaphor to say that you easily attract money into your life. Chance are, you know someone personally or have at least heard of a celebrity that is like this.

This person just effortlessly brings in a bunch of money. They're always excited to be working on a new deal, and cash and abundance just seems to fall into their lap.

These kinds of "money magnet" people have a lot of positive beliefs about their ability to attract money, so according to the Law of Attraction, money comes to them easily.

While some may seem to have a natural knack for it, it is possible to train yourself to become a money magnet if you are not currently one. Take a look at the 5 tips below to find out how you can learn to become a magnet of wealth and prosperity.

5 Tips to Become a Money Magnet

First Thing First - the Main Reason You Are Not Attracting Money Is Because You Have Negative Beliefs About Money

For most people, when they have issues manifesting money into their lives, it's not actually because they are "failing" to visualize their desires hard enough. This is an erroneous belief that many people fall into the trap of when they first start practicing LOA.

This is because most Law of Attraction teachers only teach the first part: how to visualize (ask) for what you want. And on the surface, this seems pretty easy. Just think about what you want, let yourself feel good, and then what you want comes to you.

But what a lot of people fail to teach is what to do when you have a limiting or negative belief around what you want. The "believing" part of ask, believe, and receive is the trickiest part because sometimes we don't even realize that we have a negative belief that's preventing us from receiving what we want.

Fortunately, there's actually a pretty easy way to figure out if you have a limiting belief around manifesting something. If what you want hasn't manifested yet and you don't feel 100% confident that it's on it's way, then you have a negative belief that's preventing you from getting it.

And if you have a negative belief, it doesn't matter how much you try to "focus positively" on the subject, because you can't lie in your frequency to the Universe. Just like when using an affirmation, when you're trying to focus on what you want but have limiting beliefs around it, you're actually sending out a vibration of "I don't have what I want and I don't get to have it because __insert reason here___." And the Universe responds by mirroring back to you that you don't have what you want!

So before reading any other of these tips, the first thing you want to do is acknowledge that you have limiting beliefs around money. And it's not only okay, but vital that you acknowledge them.

Another misconception that is widely taught in the LOA community is that if you acknowledge your limiting beliefs, you are focusing on them, and are therefore "attracting" more of what you don't want into your life.

This is untrue, because whether or not you consciously acknowledge them, the limiting beliefs are still there. By acknowledging them, however, you have to opportunity to reexamine these beliefs and heal them.

So there's no shame in having limiting beliefs, particularly around money. In fact, most people do. The majority of Law of Attraction coaches help their clients with either money or love, so let's take away the shame or embarrassment at feeling like we're "bad" or "failing" at manifesting. LOA is a tool that, like with learning something new like soccer or painting or bellydancing, takes a little bit of practice. And even the professionals have to occasionally go back and study the basics!

I harp on releasing the shame around having money blocks because sometimes that in it of itself can be a huge money block for people. So let's have some fun exploring the top 5 tips to becoming a money magnet, okay? ;)

1) Let Go of Feeling Like You Need to "Deserve" Money

This is one of the biggest underlying limiting beliefs that prevents you from manifesting money.

As kids, many of us are taught that we need to "work hard" in order to make money. That in order to get the cash we want, we have to toil and suffer to get it, and then and only then, are we "worthy" of having it. Only after suffering are we allowed to "deserve" it.

(And this extends beyond just money, by the way. Humanity as a whole was basically set up with the notion of "work hard" to get what you want.)

But this belief, like all beliefs is, at the end of the day, just that: a belief. You can change into a paradigm of not needing to work hard in order to deserve money. You can decide that you get to have money just because you want it, and that when you do "work" to get money, it is fun and inspired.

Now I won't lie to you here (because I think we LOA teachers need to be a little more honest about this): shifting this belief can be really hard. The old energy of "work hard" is a very entrenched and persuasive one, and it requires really delving deep and gutting out a lot of that old energy. You have to trust your intuition on a whole new level. But it is possible - and the results are SO worth it.

Letting go of this belief requires a lot of diligence and practice, but the best place to start is with "I believe that it is possible for me to make money a little more easily than I currently am." Start really generally. If you try to jump straight into, "money comes to me easily and effortlessly" but you don't really believe it, then you're going to stay stuck in your current vibration. Work your way up the vibrational scale by allowing yourself to tune to a slight better feeling thought that actually you believe. There's no point in trying to lie to yourself or the Universe!

2) Stop Using the Wrong Affirmation

As I already alluded to in Tip #1, it's not the words in your affirmations that matter, but the feeling you get when you say the affirmation that matters.

If you're saying affirmations to yourself like "I am a money magnet" or "I love money and money loves me" but you don't really believe it for find yourself quietly saying to yourself "this isn't true", then no amount of affirmation-chanting is going to help you manifest that cash.

This is because you're trying to jump just a little too far from where you're currently at vibrationally. It's not that telling yourself that you love money or are a money magnet is untrue and will forever be untrue, it's just that you're trying to reach for joy when you may actually need to be processing your sadness or anger first.

Instead of trying to be happy about money, you may first actually need to process something much deeper. You may need to cry about how you feel unworthy or are unable to manifest money because your daddy left when you were born or that God doesn't love you.

The thing about limiting beliefs is that while the emotional impact is intense, they don't actually have to be "logical" - why would God not love you or want you to make money? What does your dad leaving have to do with your ability as a fully-functioning adult to manifest cash? Technically, in a 3D world sense, this is not logical. But maybe you've associated money with safety or love, and since dad left and God hates you, you don't get to feel safe or loved, and thus are never allowed to have that safety and love you've associated with cash.

It's an abstract example, but what I'm trying to say here is that no one really want money just for the sake of money. People want the money for the feeling it gives them - love, freedom, happiness, acceptance, power. Like everything other thing in your life, it is a representation of the feeling you want to manifest.

So sometimes you have to get a little abstract. Instead of pretending to feel blissful contentment through an affirmation of cash, you have to start a little lower on the vibrational scale. Allow yourself to process your grief, even if it isn't "logical". Allow yourself to feel the anger. And then, once you've really let that out of your system, those affirmations will start to work for you because you're in a close enough vibration that you can align with them.

And the limiting beliefs you have may not be as deep as a broken family or your relationship with God (if you believe in God). But I think it's important to list these examples out because for some people they have very deeply entrenched limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

Just allow your mind to "go there", even if it's abstract, and let yourself process these fears and negative beliefs first before trying to reach for happy.

3) Stop Being Jealous of Other's Prosperity and Abundance

Being jealous of other people's prosperity stems from another pervasive, ancient belief: that resources are scarce, so if one person wins, another person loses.

This belief is so pervasive that we have built our entire economic system on it. A scarcity in resources combined with the desire/need for that resource determines its price and profitability. This is a win/lose paradigm, also known as a "scarcity mindset".

But what's interesting, when you really think about it, is that we have increasingly more abundance than ever before. There is more money in the economy now than there ever has been. A candy bar, for instance, used to cost 2 cents - now it costs a dollar. We have the ability to feed the entire world, even though we don't do so. There is so much more money and wealth in the world than we allow ourselves to believe.

Choosing to see the world this way, as a place of opportunity and prosperity for all, is referred to as an "abundance mindset". It's choosing to see the world in a win-win light. That everybody gets to have what they want.

And this really means everyone - including people you don't think "deserve" it. This can be celebrities, hedge fund managers, your neighbor - anyone you think is too "greedy" or "lazy" to deserve the wealth they have.

Because the truth is, you cannot choose what actions they take and what beliefs they have about money. But you get to choose your own. So even if you feel right now that they are "taking" too much, you get to decide that there is plenty to go around. They can have what they want, even in excess, and you and others still get to have what you want.

Taking out the us vs. them mindset and deciding focusing on prosperity for all is so important, because it ends the game of scarcity. It allows you (and by extension, others who are a vibrational match to you) to see that the world is truly prosperous, and relax and release so many limiting beliefs around the fear of not having enough.

4) Start Accepting All Forms of Abundance Instead of Needing It To Come To You in a Specific Way

One of the HARDEST things to do as a Law of Attraction practitioner is to have faith that what you want will come to you. It can be so hard to release the "how", and instead try to meticulously plan out exactly how you want to get your riches.

Now, I'm not saying that it's bad to have a strategy, because the Universe loves clarity through intention, but it is also important to accept that abundance can come to you in ways outside of the way that you think or have decided that it will come to you.

And the #1 thing we usually decide is that what we want can only come to us if we pay for it in cash.

This means that we must work to receive dollar bills or add zeros to our bank account, and we can then use our cash/credit card to purchase an item.

Which is oftentimes a convenient and easy way to get what we want, but it's not the only way.

You see, we'll get so caught up in getting the money to be able to get what we want (the "how") that we often forget to focus on the thing that we actually want! And sometimes we can manifest what we want WAY more easily without money.

Let's say that you want to get to travel around the world. One way to getting to do so is by working really hard, saving up a lot of money, then scheduling out precious time from your vacation days so you can then go. And that is an option.

But in deciding that this is how you will travel, and that there is no other way for you to get to travel, you can be cutting yourself off from other options. You may be able to do a house-swap for a week, where someone comes and stays in your house for a week and you stay in theirs. If you work from home or have the ability to do so, why not set up "home" in Barcelona for a week where you work during the day and then explore in the evenings? How about getting a job as a travel writer or a flight attendant, where traveling is a big part of what you do? What if you manifested a free trip (it's happened for me before!). There are a variety of options.

By expanding you ability to accept abundance beyond just cash, you have even more options to manifest what you want and the Universe may just surprise you with an unexpected way of receiving what you desire.

5) Start Practicing Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is crucial to manifesting because it tells the Universe, "yes, more of this please!".

The base of Law of Attraction is that what you focus on grows. So if you forget to focus on what is going well in your life, what you're thankful for in the moment, then the energy you are sending out is "I don't have what I want" and what does the Universe respond with in kind...? Manifestations confirming that you do not have what you want.

So the tricky part of this, of course, is how do you focus on having what you want when you literally don't have it? And the answer is to get aligned with the frequency of how you think you will feel when you have what it is that you want.

What's the purpose of wanting more money? Well, maybe you want to feel safe. Maybe you want to be be able to purchase a new car that is sleek and will easily get you places. So you desire sexiness and ease.

The key thing to understand is that you can reach that feeling before getting the new car and the cash. The car, and by extension, the cash is a representation of how you want to feel.

So the easiest way to get aligned with how you want to feel is to focus on the things you already have in your life that give you that feeling that you want.

If you want to feel sexy, put on your favorite underwear or perfume and take the time to really appreciate it. If you want effortlessness, take a moment to appreciate how your current car gets you from point A to point B, or how with the click of a button on your smartphone you can get a ride on a car-sharing app and get where you need to go. That is truly incredible when you really think about it.

By getting aligned the best you can with the frequency you want by using and appreciating what you already have, you choose the view the world as prosperous. The Universe in turn gives you even more of that prosperity back! Gratitude is very pragmatic.


I hope you enjoyed today's Top 5 Money Manifesting Tips. Please let me know what you think in the comment section below!

image that reads, "5 tips to become a money magnet"


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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