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The 11 Most Powerful Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

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How exactly do you manifest what you want with this Law of Attraction stuff, anyways? Turns out, there are a lot of effective techniques for getting what you want in life. In this list, I have compiled the 11 best manifestation techniques for achieving your dreams. These techniques are largely taken from or inspired by either Abraham Hicks or Melody Fletcher, both of whom I highly recommend checking out.

Also, lot of techniques are pretty similar, so some of them are listed together as 1 technique. There's no "better" or "worse" manifestation technique start with, so use whichever ones you feel most inspired about to get started!

List of Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques

1) Scripting or Visualizing

Scripting or visualizing is one of the most basic Law of Attraction techniques, as well as one of the most effective. It allows you to get into the mindset and envision where you want to be, which makes it easier to then attract it into your life.

To script, what you must do is first grab a journal and find a quiet place to write. Then in your journal, write down every single thing you want your life to be like. Where are you living? What are you doing? Do you have a husband or wife? Children? What does your house look like? Write it all down, and try to get into the feeling state of having everything you desire. In order to attract what you want, you must match the vibrational frequency of what you desire, so in order to do that you must get into the feeling of already having what you want!

To make your scripting exercise extra effective, write out what an entire ideal day looks like for you. What time do you wake up? What do your sheets feel like? Do you give your partner a smooch? Do you go grab some coffee or go for a morning jog? Write it all out.

You can also script out specific aspects of your life, like your job or your love life, if you want to focus on something in particular. Just make sure that you are aligning yourself to the feeling of it - like with affirmations, just writing something out without getting into emotional vibration of it (ie, you don't believe that you will have it) makes the exercise pretty ineffective.

Visualizing is the same thing as scripting, except without the writing part. Again, with imagining your dream life, make sure that you are getting into the feeling state of what you want.

2) Wouldn't It Be Nice if?

"Wouldn't It Be Nice If?" is a great variation of scripting or visualizing if you are having trouble with either of those techniques because the feeling of "yeah, but" comes up.

To play Wouldn't It Be Nice If?, you take some of your desires that came up in the scripting exercise and just add the phrase "wouldn't it be nice if?" to the beginning of your thoughts about your dreams.

So say you want to own a house, but feel like you can't because it's too expensive. You would say to yourself,

"Wouldn't it be nice if I owned a house? Wouldn't it be nice if I found a house that was super affordable that I loved? Wouldn't it be nice if someone just gave me a house? Wouldn't it be nice if my income increased exponentially and then I could easily afford the house of my dreams?"

What is great about the Wouldn't It Be Nice If? game is that by adding that prefix, it allows your brain to relax. It does not put your brain immediately into the defensive position of "this is impossible" because you are simply suggesting that it would be nice to have these things. It is a great way to ease into your desired vibration.

3) Manifestation Box or Vision Board

Using a manifestation box or creating a vision board is a great way to physically and visually set an intention to manifest your desires.

To create a vision board, what you must do is find images that represent what you want to manifest in your life (like a picture of the car you want, a picture of a happy family for family happiness, etc.) and either paste them onto a physical board or add them to a digital canvas. Make sure the images you choose get you into the feeling of what it is you wish to have - the board is about evoking the emotions of being where you want to be!

Once your vision board is complete, make sure to hang it up somewhere you will see it often or if you have a digital board, set it as your wallpaper background. Look at it several times a day and allow yourself to get into the feeling state of what the board represents.

A manifestation box works similarly, but instead of pasting images to a board, you place them into a box. Every time you put them into the box you say to yourself, "I have asked for what I wanted, and everything in this box will come true! This is an especially great technique if you are more of a physical learner or doer or have trouble with visualization.

4) Rampage of Appreciation or Book of Positive Aspects

Doing a rampage of appreciation or using a book of positive aspects works the best in situations where you feel pretty good about what you want to manifest or just want a little boost of positivity. Either of these techniques is also a great way to start the day because the purpose of these techniques is to get yourself into a positive mindset! It makes it much easier to have a good rest of the day when you start off feeling good.

To do a rampage of appreciation is pretty simple. You want to start off with thinking about one thing that you are grateful for. You then continue to think about or talk aloud about why you appreciate that one thing. You may start off with, for example:

"I love my puppy-dog Buttons. Buttons is so cute and has the prettiest caramel fur. I love when he falls asleep and his paws start twitching! I think it is so cute when he snorts in his sleep too. It's particularly adorable when he sleeps in a sunbeam. I like sunbeams too. They feel so warm on my skin and perk me up..."

You'll notice as you begin to rampage your appreciation for the subject that you'll start to feel happier. Soon other things that you love will to come to mind. This is because when you are in the vibration of joy, you are able to align with other thoughts that are within the same or similar vibration. Allow yourself to follow this chain of positive thoughts and let yourself feel as good for as long as you can!

A book of positive aspects is a pretty similar tool. Instead of just thinking or speaking your appreciation, however, you write it down physically in a journal. The pro about using a journal is that whenever you feel out of alignment with happiness you can read back through your old entries in the journal and it will help perk you right up!

5) Decluttering

"The Universe abhors a vacuum" is a common adage in the LOA community. And there is a lot to it! When you declutter your physical space, you are gaining clarity in what it is that you want and what is no longer serving you. You are physically making your space - and by extension, your energy - lighter. And when you space is lighter, you are better able to manifest what it is that you do desire, as well as getting rid of what you do not want!

There are a variety of books and techniques that people use to declutter, but the easiest one to start off with is to do a quick scan around your house and immediately pick out items that you would like to discard, sell, or donate and put them in a bag. That simple act of noticing how much nicer and lighter your house feels will inspire you to do a more through declutter and feel even better!

6) Pivoting, The Focus Wheel, or The Vibrational Ladder

Though these are all technically separate techniques, I put them together in this category because they intention is the same. Pivoting, the Focus Wheel, and the Vibrational Ladder are all great techniques for when you have a limiting belief about a subject and cannot easily get into joy from where you currently are.

Pivoting is the simplest technique of the three. To pivot, you start off with the thought you currently feel about the subject you wish to shift, even if the thought is negative. You then choose the next thought that feels SLIGHTLY better than your current thought, but it one that is in close enough vibration to where you currently are that you can actually believe it. An example of this might be:

"I feel like it is impossible to lose weight. Well, some people have lost weight, even when it felt impossible for them. It is possible that there are other ways of losing weight that I do not currently know about. It may be possible for me to lose weight."

Now if you notice in that example, we did not shift from "It's impossible to lose weight" to "I am skinny and happy and have the perfect body!" because that is too high of a vibrational jump. We did, however, get from it being impossible to lose weight to weight loss being possible by using tiny shifts that were within vibrational reach and felt better.

The Focus Wheel is a similar technique that uses pivoting, but in a more formalized structure. To use a Focus Wheel, you take a piece of paper and draw a circle on it and write out the numbers 1 to 12 like you would on a clock.

In the center of the Focus Wheel, you write out your current limiting belief. Then, you go up to the 1 o'clock position and write out the next better feeling thought (your pivot). You continue to go around the circle clockwise, pivoting and writing out your new belief at each number, until you reach 12 o'clock. By then you should be feeling much better about the subject at hand!

A Focus Wheel is great to use when you feel that you are a better manifestor when you write out your thoughts or you want a sense of direction and time for how long you should spend working on changing the vibration of your thought. It may not get you to feeling 100% perfect about your belief you are trying to change, but it will definitely help and take you in a good direction to start.

The Vibrational Ladder is essentially a framework for pivoting that explains where your current emotions correspond to feelings of personal empowerment. I have written about it extensively here, but the important thing to know if that emotions lie on a scale, much like a number scale, from feelings of disempowerment to feelings of empowerment:

picture of the vibrational scale

To successfully pivot up from sadness to joy, you will have to let yourself pivot to angry thoughts, then to neutral feelings, then to hopefulness, and then finally to joy. Using the vibrational ladder as a framework for pivoting is helpful because it provides an emotional direction for your thoughts to go. If you get stuck or are afraid of anger, here is a helpful guide on how to navigate this emotion.

7) Meditating or Napping

Meditation can be another excellent technique for raising your vibration and pulling yourself out of a negative thought.

To meditate, find a comfortable place where you will not be distracted for the next couple of minutes. Set a timer for how long you want to meditate (I would recommending just 1 to 5 minutes to start), and then sit and take however long you set your timer for to simply observe your breath. Any thought that come to your mind you notice, and let go of it. It will be difficult at first to not think so just do the best you can.

What is great about meditation from a Law of Attraction perspective is that meditation brings you to a neutral state. It interrupts and negative thought or manifestation you have in process so that you have a chance to recollect yourself and bring yourself to a more positive space.

Taking a nap is of a similar vein, and is a trick recommended by Abraham Hicks. When you sleep, you let go of any vibrational state you are currently in and reach a higher one in your sleep. When you wake up you can then more easily shift your focus into a higher vibrational (and happier) state.

If meditation or napping is not your thing, finding another practice that brings you to a neutral state can work as well. Listening to music, doing sports, or cleaning can be other practices which accomplish the same goal as well.

8) Segment Intending

Segment intending is an awesome technique for when you do not feel vibrationally stable about a situation that is going to happen later in the day, like a meeting or a family dinner.

In this manifestation technique, what you do is visualize going through the entire scenario of what is going to happen later that day. In your visualization, you decide how you want the situation to go. Are your clients ecstatic about this new project proposal? Visualize how that feels. Does your family love your new sweetheart you are bringing over for dinner for the first time? Feel that comfort and ease and enjoy it.

What is great about segment intending as well is that you can uncover some of your blindspots around unconscious limiting beliefs that you have. If you are visualizing the project meeting and all of a sudden the clients are yelling at you, it means you have a limiting belief around the success of this project or interactions with your clients. You can then use some other techniques like having an anger release to help clear this block and manifest that awesome meeting later in the day.

9) Giving It to the Manager/God

This LOA technique is a pretty great one when you've been feeling overwhelmed but not sure what action to take or feel like you don't have control over the outcome.

What you want to do is write a list out of everything that you need to get done or outcomes you hope to achieve. You then sort the list into things that you will be responsible and take action for, and then you give everything else on the list to an imaginary "manager" or God. You tell your manager/God what needs to get done, and then let it go and trust that they will be working on it in the background while you work on other things.

This is a great technique because it allows you to let go of the feeling of needing to get everything done. By trusting the manager/God to get it done, you can relax about it energetically which raises your vibration - which then of course, makes it easier to manifest your desires.

10) The Prosperity Game or The Wallet Process

The prosperity game and the wallet process are great techniques for increasing your financial abundance.

To play the prosperity game, you start off with imagining that you have $1,000, and then decide what you spend your money on. You must "spend" all of it! The next day, double the amount to $2,000, and again decide what you would spend it on.

This game is really awesome because it allows you to get into the vibration of endless abundance as well as gives you clarity on what and where you would spend your financial resources! It is also intriguing to find how many days it takes for you to have the amount of money that is "enough" for you to purchase everything you desire.

To utilize the wallet process, what you do is you take a $100 bill and put it in your wallet. Each time you are out and see something you would like to purchase, you look at your $100 bill and say to yourself, "I COULD purchase that, but I choose not to for now." Changing your mindset from "I can't afford that" to "I choose not to buy that" is very empowering and will raise your vibration around abundance.

11) Taking Inspired Action

Of course, the final and most important technique is to take inspired action. Many times you physically have to do something in order to manifest it, but if it does not come from a place of empowerment, then it will be harder and take longer than it has to.

One of the best analogies for taking inspired action comes from Melody Fletcher. In this analogy, she says to imagine that you are trying to build a house. The Universe has provided you with a whole construction crew, and they are happy to build whatever house it is that you desire.

You, however, decide that you must build the entire house all on your own. You grab a shovel and try to dig, but of course, you wear yourself out pretty quickly. Meanwhile, the construction crew is just waiting for you to give them some instructions so they can build your house!

When you try to take action without getting into alignment with your desires or gaining clarity on what it is you even want in the first place, it is like you are trying to build a house by yourself. Technically, given enough time, you could do it, but you will struggle in the process and it will not be fun.

Conversely, you can take the time to get into alignment. You can get really clear about what it is that you desire, and determine what parts are fun for you to take care of, and what parts you'd rather delegate or forgo. By setting this intention and gaining clarity, you are telling the Universe/your construction crew what you want and need them to do. You do get to take some action where you want to (you may really like painting the walls, for instance, and you can work with the construction crew to paint the walls). Your action comes from a place of inspiration, and is therefore a lot easier to do and a lot more fun!


Hope you enjoyed these 11 best manifestation techniques. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comment section below!

image that reads, "the 11 most powerful law of attraction manifestation techniques"

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