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What Buying Deodorant Taught Me About the Law of Attraction

Image that Reads, "What Buying Deodorant Taught Me About the Law of Attraction"

Even Your Life Coach Cries

A common misconception about life coaches and Law of Attraction teachers is that we have everything put together 100% of the time and are living that perfectly "happy ever after".

And I think it is true, to an extent, that we tend to live pretty great lives. We've put the work in to clear through our limiting beliefs and get clear on our goals and pursue them, and it tends to manifest in getting a lot of what we want a lot of the time.

But we are not perfect. In fact, we are also constantly learning. It's common knowledge amongst personal development teacher that sometimes you are just "one step ahead" of your clients, and that you are often teaching your students as you are downloading the information yourself. And it's one thing to understand something intellectually, and then another to put it into practice!

With this in mind, I wanted to share a story today about something that happened to me recently to both humanize me a bit as well as teach a great lesson. Enjoy!

A Stinky Situation

As many readers may know, I recently moved to Belgium from the United States. Moving countries has brought up a TON of resistance for me to sift through and clear, and one of the primary ones has been the fear of getting things wrong because I can't speak the language. In Liège the primary language is French and currently my French is... let's just say it's très mal.

I'd been pretty stressed out going outside because it meant that I had to try to read and speak in a language that I don't really know. But alas, I was running out of deodorant and was soon going to need some more.

At the risk of being TMI here, I've struggled with manifesting fresh, sweat-free pits for years. I hadn't consciously spent much time trying to manifest sweat-free underarms, but it had occurred to me that I would really love to have the perfect deodorant/antiperspirant and had never been able to find one. At least, one that didn't give me a rash under my arms to start.

But that was not what I was thinking about while I was at the grocery store, staring at the wall of deodorants. What I was thinking about was how panicked I felt that I couldn't read any of the labels, and that all of the deodorants were spray-on.

You see, in the United States, spray-on deodorant is not very common. They almost exclusively come in the stick variety. But in Liège, it seemed, they only purchase their deodorant in can-form.

Perhaps this was a silly thing to get upset about, but my fear of being unable to understand anything and looking stupid was manifesting right in my face and I nearly cried as I choose a can at random and brought it over to the cashier.

I got home, and the next day nearly cried again as I sprayed it on, a strong reminder of how everything here feels so different than at home. But then, as I went throughout my day, I noticed something...

This is the best darn deodorant I've ever used. It kept my underarms light and fresh, and I sweated WAY less than normal. No rashes under my arms either! It was amazing. And that's when I realized that the Universe had sent me a lovely lesson about manifestation.

Are You Ready to Manifest What You Want?

For several years I had wanted a good deodorant. I had sent out the specifics of my intention (a deodorant that kept me sweat-free, fresh, and clean) to the Universe, and it was ready to send me what I wanted.

However, I had decided that it must come in stick form (the "how") and wasn't even open to the possibility that it could be a spray-on type until I had literally no other choice.

In short, I had manifested what I wanted, but I wasn't ready to receive it. I cried, metaphorically kicking and screaming, about moving towards getting what I wanted instead of being overjoyed and excited for something new.

So how does this relate to you, dear reader? Well, think about something that you really really want. And ask yourself, are you ready to receive it from where you currently are right now?

If what you wanted came to you right now, would you be ready for it? Or would you be kicking and screaming too? Would you be ready for having a million dollars in the bank, a total hottie husband waking up next to you in the mornings, or being complimented about how gorgeous you look? Or would that bring up too much resistance? If resistance comes up as you contemplate manifesting your long-term dreams, delve into that!

And what it what you wanted came to you in a different way than you intended? Would you be open to an unexpected method of manifestation? The Universe will often deliver in ways that we do not expect. Explore this too, and be honest with yourself.

Are you ready for what you want to come to you... even if it comes in can form? 😉


Thanks for reading today's post! Any questions or insights? Do you prefer spray-on or stick deodorant or au naturale? (I won't judge... too much 😜). Let me know in the comments section below!

Image that Reads, "What Buying Deodorant Taught Me About the Law of Attraction"


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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