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How to Manifest More Money Using the Law of Attraction

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

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Money. Almost everybody wants more of it. And many people don't have as much as they want!

Money is a complex topic to write about because people's limiting beliefs around money are as complex and varied as people themselves.

But in today's article I'll go into the details of what money actually is, in Law of Attraction terms, as well as covers the main reasons why people don't manifest the money they want and how to change their vibrations to become master money magnets!

What Is Money?

In order to be able to manifest more money, you first have to understand what money actually is.

Simply put, money is energy. It is simply a representation for your allowance of abundance into your life. Especially nowadays money is as close to pure energy as it possibly could be because it is represented with numbers in a virtual bank account and less so with physical dollars and coins.

Money also has a neutral vibration. Despite what others may say, money is neither good nor bad. It is instead your feelings that determine it's value. Think about what $20 represented to you as a kid, versus now. Chances are, $20 felt like a whole lot when you were little and now it feels like it barely covers the groceries. The dollar amount is still the same (minus inflation) - it's the value that we have put on that money that has changed.

Financial Scarcity Is a Human Construct

What freaks us humans out about money is not the money itself (which is neutral) - it's the perception of scarcity.

We've constructed the idea that there is only so much money to go around. If he has a lot of money, then I don't get to have enough. This fear of being impoverished and having less than or not enough keeps us in fear - which, when we vibrate at the energy of "there's not enough", what do we manifest but not enough money.

But the important thing to understand that financial scarcity is a human construct. Look at the cost of a candy bar in the 1940s, which was 5 cents, versus now in 2020, when it's $2.00? A candy bar nowadays would have cost over 15% of an average weekly 1940s salary!

But overall, humans are thriving and doing better financially than ever. This is because we have more money than ever. We are globally increasing our abundance!

So letting of the belief in financial scarcity, and believing that you can have and manifest as much money as you want is one of the first most important mindset shifts to make.

Money Is a "How"

Money, 9 times out of 10, isn't actually the thing that you want. It's what you think will get you what you want. It's a means of exchange.

Say you want a new couch. What do you do? You go to a store, examine the different options there, and then use money to purchase a couch. Money is simply one way to get the couch. It's one form of manifesting what you want.

But it's not the only way to get a couch. Maybe you swap furniture with a friend and give him a dining table in exchange for a couch. Maybe you find a couch on the side of the road. Maybe a family member gives you an old couch. Maybe you win one in a contest, or move into a new furnished apartment that has a couch.

"How" you get a couch is irrelevant - you can absolutely manifest a couch in a myriad of forms. The problem occurs when you decide that having enough money and paying for the couch is the ONLY acceptable form of getting what you want. It's trying to control the "how".

And you really limit your ability to manifest what you want if you decide to limit for yourself the way that the Law of Attraction is allowed to bring you that couch.

So while you can use money and payment as a tool for manifesting what you want (and oftentimes, purchasing something does end up being the easiest way to bring what you want into your life), if you don't currently have "enough" money to get what you want, you make it harder for yourself to manifest it because you've decided there is only one way to get what you want but you can't currently get it that way.

And when you stick yourself in the vibration of "I want but I can't have it", you continuously manifesting wanting it but never having it. You use the money as an excuse to feel unhappy.

It All Comes Down to Feelings

Remember that money is inherently neutral - your feelings about money are simply a representation of your current vibration.

You may have decided (unconsciously) that money represents security to you, for instance. But because you don't have whatever amount of money you've defined as "enough" (if you have defined a certain amount at all), looking at your bank account brings up all of your feelings of powerlessness and insecurity.

So instead of waiting for the cash to flow in so that you can then feel secure (which doesn't really work, because you're still stuck in the vibration of not having enough), how about try getting into the feeling of being safe and secure, no matter what?

You'll find that when you get into the feeling of what you want first, deciding to feel safe and secure and happy no matter how many or few zeros there are in your bank account, you'll feel much better. As you relax about the subject, you unblock the flow, and all of a sudden those dollars start pouring in!

Because the trick about manifesting more money is that it's not really about the money itself - it's about ALLOWING yourself to feel good and deciding that you get to have what you want, no matter what. Money is simply one of the tools in this process!


Helpful? Questions? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

image that reads "how to manifest more money using the law of attraction"

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