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How This Kinesiologist Manifests Clients Whenever He Wants

text that reads "How This Kinesiologist Manifests Clients Whenever He Wants"

A friend of mine, Des Richmond, mentioned to me offhand one day that he simply manifests clients for his kinesiology practice whenever he wants them. When he decides that he would like more clients, they just walk into his office with him doing any advertising.

As a Law of Attraction coach working on manifesting clients for my own practice, I was fascinated by his statement and asked him if he would be willing to speak with me more about his process and current mindset that allows him to so effortlessly attract clients. He agreed to share his story as well as allow me to write about his tips for getting into the "abundance of clients" mindset. Here's his story:

Part 1 - Breaking Through the Initial Limiting Beliefs

After receiving training to become a certified kinesiologist, Des decided it was time to open his own practice. But he wasn't generating any clients.

So Des decided to put into practice what he had learned and do emotional work and bodywork on himself. It took a little time, but one day he got past the initial fears and beliefs that he could not get any clients - he could feel the change internally. The next day he had several phone calls from people wanting to book a session with him.

He went from no customers at all, releasing the fear - and boom - immediately receiving several clients. This was his first step in starting to generate clients and seeing how much of the process of creating a successful business is really in the mind.

Part 2 - Attending Events and Gaining Further Clarity

Des wanted to find a way to let more people know about his practice, so he started attending events related to his practice and got leads for his business in this way.

Although Des initially enjoyed attending these events, after a while he started to enjoy them less. After spending several years (yes, years) feeling somewhat mediocre about going to these business events, he decided there must be a better way to gain clients.

So he further refined what he wanted - a way to gain clients that felt energizing and easy to him - and did some energy work on himself. Once he got into alignment with this desire, he found his solution.

Part 3 - Advertising Online

Des manifested discovering a course about advertising online that took him through all of the steps needed to generate his clients through the web. So Des was very pleased with this and advertised virtually for several years.

Eventually, however, Des went from being happy with online advertising to feeling a bit bored and annoyed by the process. He decided that he wanted to achieve the next level of generating clients: which is to say, simply manifesting them to appear when he wanted them too. No advertising and no fuss.

So Des set to work on doing the internal and physical work to get to this vibrational state. And eventually, he succeeded.

Part 4 - Manifesting Is Like Boiling Water

I asked Des to describe what being in his state of manifesting clients whenever he wants feels like, and he said (to paraphrase):

"It's like boiling water. When you turn on the kettle, you know that the water is going to boil. You aren't afraid that it is not going to happen or need to watch it very closely, because it just does what it needs to do. It's guaranteed."

When Des decides that he wants more clients, he (metaphorically) turns on the kettle in his head. He knows it's a done deal, because he has decided that it is so. That is what the energy state of knowing that you get what you want feels like.

Personal Thoughts

What I personally found so fascinating about Des' story is that it showed how much of using the Law of Attraction, Kinesiology, Somatic Experiencing, or other energy work is a process.

Des wasn't able to immediately go from no clients to generating clients whenever he wants. In fact, it took him years to get to where he is now.

He instead went through a process of asking himself what he wanted, discovering what "pinged" for him, doing the inner work, manifesting that desire, being happy for a while, then eventually becoming dissatisfied, asking himself what he wanted, and repeating this process as he incrementally upgraded his reality.

For most of us, it's really hard to jump immediately from a lower vibration to a higher one. Like Des, it can take us time to get into the headspace of "I manifest this simply because I want it" - and that's okay. Part of the game of being alive is to learn the process of getting into the vibrational energy of manifesting what you want - it's really okay if you don't do it all at once!


Des Richmond is a kinesiologist and conscious transformational coach from Galeway City, Ireland. You can find his kinesiology website at (he currently offers remote sessions) and his conscious transformational coaching site at (work in progress as he is currently refining and getting aligned with what he wants to do 😉).

text that reads "How This Kinesiologist Manifests Clients Whenever He Wants"


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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