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How to Overcome the Top 3 Limiting Beliefs About Money

How to Overcome the Top 3 Limiting Beliefs About Money

Want to manifest more money using the Law of Attraction? Find out what the 3 most common money blocks are so you can learn how to overcome them and bring home more cash!

1) Money Is Evil

As much as we often feel that we want money, we also have an undercurrent of limiting beliefs on why money is evil and having a lot of it will make you evil.

How often have you heard sayings like, "rich people are evil? They're selfish for hoarding so much."

Think about how rich people are often depicted in media. The rich, snobby popular girl or the selfish CEO are common tropes that cement into our subconscious the idea that having a lot of money = being snobbish and cruel.

This belief that rich people are evil and greedy causes us to then be unable to manifest any money because we're afraid of become or being seen as selfish and mean!

But the truth is money is an amplifier, not a corrupter.

Dickish people can become more dickish with more money, but nice, generous people can become even nicer and more generous with more money. Money gives you the opportunity to do more harm or do more good - but ultimately, that choice is yours.

So decide to be nice and generous first! Ask yourself, what if I could have lots of money and be a kind and caring person? What if more money gave me more opportunities to be kind?

2) I Can't Make Money Because I'm Not _x_ Enough

Ultimately, almost every limiting belief around money culminates to the fear of not being enough.

Depending on your life experiences and current circumstances, the limiting belief can manifest in a myriad ways like this:

"I can't become wealthy because I'm not good/smart/thin/pretty/old/young enough. Something about me makes me not "enough" to deserve or make money."

However, the only one deciding that you are not enough to manifest money is... you.

Fat people make money. So do thin people. Both dumb and smart people have made loads of cash. Some people start successful businesses in their teens, others run successful ones in their 80s.

Your "not enough" is only not enough to you.

Another way to raise your vibration on the subject is to remind yourself that people change.

What is currently true about you now doesn't have to always be this way.

When you go to school, you become more knowledge in a subject. You used to only know how to count to 5.

Saying that you can't manifest more money because you're not good enough or smart enough is like declaring as a child, "I only know how to count to 5. It is impossible for me to learn how to count any higher, (I'm just not good with numbers) so I will not even try."

Seems pretty silly, right?

Likewise, you can become more knowledgeable and better at manifesting and holding onto wealth. You can read books about how to obtain wealth, as well as learn how to raise your money vibration.

3) I Have to Make $_x_ in Order to Get What I Want

Sometimes we use money as an excuse to not allow ourselves to have what we want.

But do you really need more money? Or do you need a reframe of what you currently have?

In a money manifesting group I am in, for example, one of the first tasks you have to complete is to look at your finances and see how much money you are bringing home every month. Multiple women were shocked to find out that they were already bringing in their desired amount of cash - they just couldn't see it because their limiting beliefs were getting in their way.

So first and foremost, check your finances and see whether or not you are already making the amount of money that you want!

If you aren't bringing in your desired amount of cash, however, think about what it is that you really want and see if you can align yourself to options for manifesting it without the cash in hand.

The important thing to remember is that, at the end of the day, money is energy. It is a representation of how much you are allowing into your life. It is a great conduit for getting what you want, but the focus should be on what you actually want to manifest. Demanding that you have a certain amount of cash as the only way that you can have what you want closes doors off for the Universe to provide what you want in a way that is easier for you.

To give a more tangible example, say that you live in the city and want a car so you can visit your friends and family in the country. But buying a car, with its costs for maintenance, parking, insurance, etc. is more than you can currently afford.

You could stay stuck in the determination that you need to buy a car, be unable to buy a car, and feel sad and frustrated that you will never be able to afford one. Or you could open yourself up to the Universe and ask for more options. You sit with the idea that it is possible for you to find an easy way to go see your family and friends. You feel better knowing a method is coming to you.

Soon, you find out about a new car-sharing services. You pay a low monthly membership, and you rent the car for any weekend you want to go visit your family and friends. AND you don't have to pay for any maintenance. It's even better for you, because you didn't really want to own a car - the car was the how. What you REALLY wanted was the ability to go see your friends and family. And now you get to see the ones you love without the struggles of car ownership. Win-win!

So in short - keep yourself open to easier ways to manifest what you want, decide your enough, and know that more money will provide you the ability to be even kinder!


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How to Overcome the Top 3 Limiting Beliefs About Money

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