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The 3 Main Reasons Why Your Vision Board Isn't Working

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

image that reads "the 3 main reasons why your vision board isn't working"

One of the first Law of Attraction tips that most people receive is to create a "vision board" or a "dream board." A vision board/dream board is essentially a collection of images and/or text of what you want to manifest in your life. If you want a new car, for instance, then you cut out a picture of your dream car and put it on your vision board.

While vision boards are amazing visualization tools, if you don't understand these 3 things about how they work, then their effectiveness in helping you manifest your dream desires is going to be limited. Fortunately, we're going to cover those 3 things below so that you understand how vision boards REALLY work and can achieve your dreams!

1) Understand That Vision Boards Represent Frequencies

It is easy to get caught up in simply cutting out and pasting images that generally relate to what you want onto a dream board, but the most important thing to know is that dream boards are about tuning yourself to a specific frequency through feelings.

This means that it is essential that each image you put onto your vision board evokes the feeling of what it is that you want.

So using an image of a Ferrari may not evoke the feeling of wealth to you if having a fancy car is not one of your desires, but pasting an image of the local farmer's market where you want to buy only organic products because that makes you feel wealthy may actually be the better choice, even though your local vegetables will definitely not cost as much as a luxury sports car.

In this example, the feeling of wealth is what you are really looking to tune your frequency to, so focus only on the things that make YOU feel wealthy instead of generic symbols of wealth.

And a good thing to remember too is that since what we are always going after is a feeling - the feeling of love, security, happiness, wealth, etc. - is that it may not manifest in the 3D world exactly as you've put it on your vision board. You still get to have what you want, but also be open to all avenues of receiving those feelings that you want because you may manifest something even better than what you can currently think of to put on your vision board.

It's like being determined to get to Australia but deciding the only way to get there is to swim. There are a lot easier ways to get to Australia, and you get to go to Australia, but sometimes you have to let go of HOW to get there. When you let go of the idea that the only way to get there is to swim, to have this particular manifestation, then all of a sudden a plethora of new options that feel even better come in. You can go by boat, or by plane. You can have a more enjoyable experience than you previously could imagine. My favorite mantra around this is, "this or something better!"

2) If Have Limiting Beliefs About What You Want, Then the Vision Board Is Limiting in What It Can Do

This is pretty similar to the issues with using mantras. If you really want to manifest something but don't believe that you can, any visual representation of what you want will actually further tune you to the feeling of "I can't have it." You push yourself further away from what you want!

The easiest way to tell if you have a limiting belief about your desires is to focus on how you feel when you think about the subject. If you feel sad or angry or any kind of negative belief around it, then you have a limiting belief!

Check out this article to learn more about how to work through your limiting beliefs.

3) Your Vision Board Should Inspire Action

On a technical level, if you've worked through all of your limiting beliefs, you could sit around on the couch all day and manifest what you want. But for 99% of people, it is much easier to get what you want by taking action on some level to get it.

Now this does not mean that you need to work "hard" or suffer to get what you want - that is a very persuasive and commonly held limiting belief - but it is MUCH easier to manifest what you want when you take some action steps towards it. It shows the Universe that you are ready to receive your desires!

And the truth is, us humans love taking inspired action - action that feels good. We tend to get bored and discontent if we sit around on the couch all day!

So part of the purpose of a vision board is that it should inspire action. Looking and thinking about what is on the board tunes your vibration to the frequency of what it is that you desire, which then inspires to you to take the action necessary to reach it. The action may be subtle - like driving home a different way, or feeling the urge to chat with an old friend - but if you trust that intuition and go with it, you'll find yourself going towards the direction of your dreams in no time.

So if you keep looking at your dream board and not feeling inspired whatsoever to take action, maybe even dreading it a little, it simply means that you have a limiting belief around the subject to work through. Go back to example #2, do the emotional work to release your limiting belief, and then you will find yourself feeling inspired.

image that reads "the 3 main reasons why your vision board isn't working"


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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