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What is the Vibrational Scale? - Law of Attraction Basics

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

image that reads, "What is the Vibrational Scale? - Law of Attraction Basics"

*The Vibrational Scale is a concept I have lovely taken from Melody Fletcher, who is a wonderful Law of Attraction teacher. I highly recommend checking her work out.*

What Is the Vibrational Scale?

One of the best frameworks I have ever come across for explaining emotions is the Vibrational Scale.

It essentially states that emotions can be placed on a scale - much like a number line - like this:

To define each of these emotions:

Sadness is the feeling of powerlessness directed inwards. This manifests in thoughts such as "it's all my fault" and "there's something wrong with me".

Anger is the feeling of powerlessness directed outwards, and is higher numerically on the scale because it is no longer placing blame on yourself. Examples of anger-based feelings include "it's his/their/society's/God's fault this is happening".

When feeling Neutral, nothing feels good or bad. You might feel a little numb overall emotionally. You do not have positive or negative thoughts about something.

Hopefulness is the next number on the scale, and is the first positive number. In this emotional state, you are excited about the possibility that maybe things will work out for you. You are starting to take on you personal power. This feeling will manifest in thoughts like "maybe I do get to have what I want" or "I'm excited that what I want is coming to me!"

In Joy, you are in the feeling of complete personal power. You KNOW that you get to have what you want, and what you want is coming to you. You are relaxed in the feeling of already having it, regardless of whether or not you actually have it physically yet, because you know it is on the way. Thoughts in this stage include, "I'm so happy!" or "I love it!"

Looking back at the scale, notice how the "negative" emotions of sadness and anger are negative numbers, neutral emotions is 0, and that positive emotions are positive numbers. This is intentional, because, like numbers, a "negative" emotion is not worse or better than a positive one. They are not a bad thing - they simply are.

And while negative emotions are not technically bad, more likely than not, you would like to feel better overall. Fortunately, like numbers, a negative can be changed into a positive if you know how to do so.

How Do I Change Where I'm at on the Vibrational Scale?

The first thing to do is to acknowledge where you currently are on the scale. If you feel despair and are certain that you will never have a boyfriend if you really want one, for example, then you are in the range of sadness.

The next thing to do is to allow yourself to feel thoughts of anger. Chances are, you may have had some of these thoughts already (like, "it's so unfair that everyone else has a boyfriend but me!!!") but have then deflected it back to yourself ("so I must be doing something wrong") and then brought yourself back down to sadness. This is called the Cycle of Doom, because the sadness will turn to anger, but then be brought back down to sadness until you can't take it anymore and get angry again, only to bring it back down to sadness, and so on.

So to break the Cycle of Doom, let yourself feel the rage fully, and do not allow yourself to go back into self-blame. After raging for awhile, you'll naturally find yourself in feelings of neutrality. Though it can feel somewhat disconcerting in the moment to not feeling much of any emotion, it is okay - because now you can take the next step over to hopefulness.

When you are in hopefulness, you know and are excited that things are going to work out for you. You know that gorgeous boyfriend is on his way and it's only a matter of time before he shows up (lucky you). You feel positive overall that what you want is going to happen.

In joy, you are in pure excitement and happiness. It doesn't matter whether or not the boyfriend has actually shown up yet - you are delighted with life and where you are currently. You are in the mindset (the FEELING) and an energetic match to having that wonderful boyfriend, and this is when he inevitably shows up for you. And preferably in tight leather pants, holding a puppy too. 😉


Helpful? Any questions? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

image that reads, "What is the Vibrational Scale? - Law of Attraction Basics"


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