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Law of Attraction Tip: 4 Alternatives to Meditating

Law of Attraction Tip: 4 Alternatives to Meditating

Don't want to meditate? Great news, you don't have to! Read below to discover why people meditate, when you shouldn't meditate, and my 4 favorite alternatives to meditation.

The Purpose of Meditating Is to Feel Better

In order to determine good alternative practices to meditating, it is important to first understand what meditation is and why people do it.

The primary purpose of meditation is NOT to just "clear your thoughts" - that's the action, not the outcome - but is instead to simply help you raise your vibration.

When you are in a spiral of negative thoughts or have a limiting belief about a subject, meditation can be great in breaking your current thought-pattern on the subject by making space to come up with better-feeling thoughts.

At its core, it is one tool to help you feel better.

When You Shouldn't Meditate

That being said, meditation is simply one tool for raising your vibration. If you don't want to meditate or don't like it, then don't do it! There are PLENTY of other ways to raise your vibe.

There's a certain amount of pressure from the metaphysical community that you "must" meditate in order to become enlightened or better than others, but this is a false premise.

Meditating does not make you more spiritual - having awareness that you have the ability to change your current thought pattern to something more empowering does. Some people find meditation helpful for this task, and some don't.

4 Alternatives to Meditating

These are my four favorite alternatives to meditating. Remember though, if none of these resonate, that's okay! Anything that allows you to raise your vibration and feel better is as worthy of a practice as mediating.

1) Dancing/Exercising

Physical movement can be a very helpful practice for getting into the flow of positive energy (and those endorphins help too!).

Picking an exercise THAT YOU LIKE and practicing it can be a great way to work though problems in the background as you enjoy your focus on your current form of movement.

2) Listening to Music

Music is a form of energy in it of itself. Ever notice in movies how much of an impact music makes on telling the audience the emotional narrative of the scene?

(Fun fact, music is considered so important to cinematography that if you watch a movie with closed captioning the captions will specify what type of music is being played - like "suspenseful music" or "sad music".)

This video below does a good job at showing how much music impacts storytelling:

Likewise, listening to high-vibrational music can help lift your vibrational energy up.

What is important to remember that it is not the music itself, but how the music makes you feel. So whether it's pop or metal, if the music gets you going, pop some headphones in and enjoy an easy mood lift.

3) Doing Household Chores

While admittedly not for everyone, doing chores like sweeping, washing dishes, or tidying up can help raise your vibration for 2 reasons:

1) Doing chores often involves a bit of physical exercise, which can help make you feel physically and emotionally better

2) Having a clean and tidy environment to be in can be relaxing and make you feel better

The important thing with this meditation alternative, however, is that you have to enjoy it. If you don't like doing a particular task, see if you can outsource it or swap chores with a family member and raise your vibration that way.

4) Writing in Your Gratitude Journal

If you love writing, then keeping a gratitude journal can be an excellent way to raise your vibe.

In your journal, write down at least 3 things that you are grateful about today. Focusing on what you love and appreciate in your life will help you attract more things that you love and appreciate, and make you feel better and better!


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Law of Attraction Tip: 4 Alternatives to Meditating

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