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Why I DON'T Use the 55x5 Method for Manifesting My Dreams

image that reads, "Why I DON'T Use the 55x5 Method for Manifesting My Dreams"

The 55x5 method. Love it? Hate it? Feel obligated to use it? Don't! In today's article I cover what the 55x5 method is, when it works, when it doesn't, and how to create a Law of Attraction manifesting method that works best for you.

What Is the 55x5 Method?

The 55x5 method is one of the most popular LOA manifesting techniques and is essentially about creating an affirmation with more ritual and discipline around it.

To properly use the 55x5 method, you decide on what you want to manifest and encapsulate your desire into a simple sentence. Then, for the next 5 days, you write out that sentence 55 times a day.

Why the 55x5 Method Sometimes Works

Like with using any affirmation, the idea behind the 55x5 method is that you are retraining your thinking pattern into something more positive. By have a more positive thought pattern, you will be raising your vibration to match your desire and what you want will come to you.

The 55x5 method also works well for those who believe that having discipline brings results. By taking this specific action everyday for several days in a row, you are showing to the Universe that you are serious about bringing your desired results to you so the Universe will bring you what you want.

Also, if you enjoy affirmations and writing your goals down, the 55x5 method can be a super fun LOA technique for you to use!

Why the 55x5 Method Doesn't Always Work

A common misconception in the LOA community is that it is your thoughts that determine your reality, so you have to think the "correct" thoughts in order to manifest what you want. This is actually incorrect.

It is not the THOUGHTS that determine your reality, but your FEELINGS.

This can be a little confusing, so here's an example. Some people love basketball. It is their favorite sport in the world. When you say the phrase, "I love basketball", they will respond with a feeling of, "yes!!!! I love basketball too!!!!"

Some people, on the other hand, hate basketball. It makes them feel incompetent at sports or bored. When you say the phrase, "I love basketball" to them, their emotional response is, "no, that's not true, I hate basketball."

Basketball is an inherently neutral subject. But your feelings around basketball are what determines whether it is the greatest sport every or annoyingly pointless.

So when creating an affirmation, if you write down "I am beautiful" but your honest emotional response is, "no, that's a lie", then it does not matter how many times you write down that you're beautiful, you won't believe it. In this case, using 55x5 method will bring you the opposite results of what you want because you are activating the frequency of "I am not beautiful!" And that's the opposite of what you are trying to do!

So in short, you can't lie with your words, because the Universe responds to your emotional frequency.

Changes to Make the 55x5 Method Work

So how do you make the 55x5 method work if you don't believe you can have what you want? There are a couple of techniques you can try.

One technique is to have an emotional release or anger release. If manifesting your dream seems hopeless or infuriating, lean into that and let some of those lower-level emotions out. If you don't know what an emotional release it, click here to learn how to do one.

Another option you can try is to create a "lighter" version of your affirmation. Maybe believing that you live in a mansion seems impossible to you where you are right now, but renting a house seems more feasible and would give you that same feeling of comfort and freedom. Start there.

If writing isn't your thing, you can also use other sensory techniques. If audio is your thing, listening to subliminal messaging or trying out hypnosis might be a more fun manifesting technique to try. If you are visual and love pictures, try creating a manifestation board! Whatever technique works best to get you into a feeling-state of manifesting what you want is the technique you should use.

And finally... do you NEED to do the 55x5 method, or are you using it to avoid taking action? Sometimes you are being called to action, but are afraid to do so. In that case, using a visualization technique can be a "crutch" because you are afraid to take the next step. If that is the case, work through any limiting beliefs you have about taking those action steps, and go do it! Buy the domain name and the gym membership or put on your fancy dress that you never wear and let yourself live in the vibration of what you want to attract. You got this!

image that reads, "Why I DON'T Use the 55x5 Method for Manifesting My Dreams"


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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