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Can You Control Others Using the Law of Attraction?

text that reads "Can You Control Others Using the Law of Attraction?"

If you create our own reality, does that mean you can "control" others? Can you use the Law of Attraction to force other people to be nice to you or act a certain way, for instance?

The short answer is no, even if it seems like you can. You can only control your own vibration.

Everyone Has Freewill

People have freewill to do what they want (so much so that they can even manifest something that they do not want!).

If people did not have the ability to manifest anything they wanted, then the LOA wouldn't work. Because if we could manifest for each other, then you would be able to manifest anything your heart desired - unless, of course, someone wanted to manifest something else for you. You would only be able to manifest something on the condition that someone else would let you. That doesn't really make sense, does it?

Instead, what you CAN do is manifest the best version of others possible that they are willing and currently able to energetically provide.

Thus, you can manifest only seeing them when they're in a good mood or when they are willing to let their vibration rise up to yours. But it's not the same as controlling them because they have the ability to walk away or not interact with you. They get to have that choice.

This can be a little confusing to understand, so it is best described by looking at the basics of how vibrational energy affects each other.

How Vibrational Energy Works

People all vibrate at different frequencies around a variety of different topics. Some are more entrenched into their frequency (positive or negative) about a particular subject or in general.

So when two people meet, whichever person has the stronger, more stable vibration will cause the other person's vibration to rise or sink to match the more stable one.

This is why we have sayings like "laughter is infectious" or "dragging me down with him/her". We rise or sink to other's stronger feelings.

If your best friend is determined to have an excellent day because it is a Saturday and you don't have any strong feelings one way or the other, then you will find yourself rising up to her energy and getting excited. Motivational speakers are motivating because they carry a high, stable vibration of optimism and happiness.

Conversely, if you're ambivalent to your career but your coworker really hates her job or you're sitting at the DMV (😉), then you may find your vibration sinking and you become bitter or morose.

How to Maintain a Stable Vibration

The trick to staying at a high vibration is to make that vibration as stable as possible so others lift up to you (or you lift up to them if they're higher) instead of you sinking down to them. But how exactly do you do that?

There are a variety of techniques, but the main thing it comes down to is:

1) deciding on what you want

2) knowing how to release your limiting beliefs

Knowing what you want is important so that you can get into the feeling-state of having it. By imagining your desire in a way that feels good to you, you get into the vibration of having what you want and will soon be inspired to action that helps you obtain it.

Sometimes, however, it can be hard or impossible to get into the feeling-state of your desire from where you currently are because you have too many limiting beliefs surrounding what you want. In that case, use techniques like pivoting or the fairy godmother game to work through them.

What If 2 People Have an Equally Stable Vibration?

So what happens if you both have an equally stable vibration? For example, what if they are stuck in hopelessness while you're in the energy of love and light?

If you are both equally stable, then they will leave your reality. Who manifests into your reality is a reflection of the range of vibrations you currently offer.

If you have a limiting belief that all men are liars, for instance, then you'll only manifest meeting men that turn out to lie to you all the time. If you don't have that vibration at all in your reality whatsoever, then you'll manifest meeting truthful men. You wont meet or interact with any of the liars, even if they are out there.

So what you are seeing in your reality is a reflection of YOUR beliefs - not an act of "controlling" others and forcing them to do what you want. The liars get to hang around people who are a match to them, and you get to hang out with the sweet, honest ones.

In short: you control your own beliefs - not theirs!


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text that reads "Can You Control Others Using the Law of Attraction?"


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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