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How to Manifest A Big Goal Using the Law of Attraction

text that reads "How to Manifest A Big Goal Using the Law of Attraction"

Setting and achieving goals - should seem simple, right? Then why do people get stuck and unable to complete their desired tasks? For us folks that know about and leverage the Law of Attraction, it is usually because this question inevitably arises when thinking about goals:

Should I Take Action Before Feeling Inspired or Wait?

One of the questions that often comes up when discussing the nuances of using the Law of Attraction to achieve your goals is around action.

Should you take action, even if it doesn't feel 100% good, or should you wait until you are 100% inspired before doing anything? If you act before inspired, will you manifest something unwanted? If you wait until you are inspired, will you be waiting forever and never achieve what you want?

The answer to this is that it depends on the situation and how vibrationally far off you are from completing the desired action.

If you want to go for a goal and have some limiting belief or fears but the idea of taking action feels mostly good, then go for it!

If you are specifically afraid of taking not 100% inspired action from the fear of manifesting something unwanted, keep in mind that it's really not the end of the world if that happens. Nor does it mean that you "failed" at using the Law of Attraction correctly. The unwanted manifestation is just giving you the opportunity to work through your limiting beliefs. The fear of accidentally manifesting something unwanted IS a limiting belief. So if you make it okay for yourself to take slightly imperfect action, then you will find yourself well on your way to achieving your goals and the fear will lessen.

If, however, you really want something but feel like you absolutely do not want to do what you think you have to do to achieve it, then back off a bit. Take some time to sit with yourself to determine if this one action you feel that you have to take is the only way to achieve your goal, or if the end goal is what you even want at all.

Say that your goal is that you want to run a marathon, but you hate running and can barely puff your way to the one mile mark. In that case, take a step back to ask yourself why you want to run a marathon. It may be that you love the idea of being fit and strong and powerful. You may envision people respecting you and cheering you on as you race towards the finish line. The end goal vibration you are trying to achieve (every goal is about becoming aligned with a particular vibration) is one of strength, love, and respect.

So when you focus on that end vibration, the feeling of being strong and loved, is that the most enjoyably obtained from running a marathon, or are there easier ways to get what you want? Perhaps running 3x a week and grabbing coffee with your best friend on Saturdays would be equally fulfilling and more enjoyable.

Either way, there is no wrong answer here; it all depends on your personal wants. The most important thing is to focus on aligning yourself with the vibration of your desire first and foremost, and have your action come from this place.

Make Your Goals Enjoyable and Doable

Continuing the marathon example, say that you decide that you really do want to run that marathon even if you feel currently far away from being able to do so. How do you use the Law of Attraction to help yourself get there?

The trick is to start taking action that is close enough vibrationally to where you currently are that the action is easy and/or fun to do.

Running 26.2 miles in one go is going to feel too vibrationally far off from where you currently are if running a mile feels like a lot of work (not to mention physically exhausting!). It is not going to feel good to you.

So the next thing to do is to come up with a goal that both currently feels achievable and feels good and helps contribute to your end goal. Maybe running half a mile every day for a week feels like an enjoyable stretch. Perhaps you decide to run one mile every other day. Maybe you get a running buddy, or use an app that eases you into building stamina (I really liked Couch-to-5k when I used to run).

The important thing is that your goal has to feel like one that you can complete and feels good. If you do not believe that you can achieve your goal, you are running on willpower, and willpower only works for so long because it is based from uninspired/painful action.

This is true for any goal that you wish to set and achieve. Want to floss every day but it feels like a lot of work? Start with flossing just one tooth for a month.

Want to dress a little nicer? Try putting all of your less fancy clothes in a box for a week so the only options you have on your hanger are nicer clothes.

Want to read 5 books this year? Make it a goal to read 4 pages of a book every night.

Choosing a goal that feels both enjoyable and doable will set you up for achieving bigger goals down the line because you are already in the flow of feeling inspired and aligned with achieving the smaller, similar goals. Remember: you live life in the day-to-day. If your day-to-day life feels unsatisfactory, change it up so that it becomes enjoyable!


Like what you've read so far? Want some help in setting up those aligned goals? Sign up for a 1:1 private coaching session with me to help you set and achieve your goals and declutter those limiting beliefs for good.

text that reads "How to Manifest A Big Goal Using the Law of Attraction"


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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