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Does Jerry Hick's Death Prove LOA Is a Scam?

image that says, "does Jerry Hick's death 'prove' the law of attraction is a scam?"

Who Is Jerry Hicks and How Did Jerry Hicks Die?

Jerry Hicks is the husband of Esther Hicks, who channels the collective conscious known as Abraham. Jerry had a largely private (and potentially scandalous) past, but was known for his great marketing skills and boisterous personality.

In 2011, Jerry Hicks was diagnosed with cancer. For six months he took chemo treatments, and then died in November that year.

Many Law of Attraction practitioners and Abraham Hicks enthusiasts were very shaken by Jerry's death. The main question was, why did Jerry Hicks die of cancer if he understood Abraham Hick's teachings? Why did he do chemo treatments if Abraham said not go to the doctor and just focus on health? Doesn't his death prove this whole LOA thing is a scam?

So Does Jerry Hick's Death "Prove" That LOA Is a Scam?

Before getting into this article, I want to add a preface here. If you are reading this article to find more data and permission to prove to yourself that the Law of Attraction is not real, and I'm just some crazy woman that's been duped, then you have my blessing here. I believe that we all have the right to believe what we believe (and in a pragmatic sense, you can't really talk anyone out of their beliefs unless they're at least somewhat open to it), and your perspective is absolutely valid. Take this as a sign that LOA is B.S. and find something else that works for you.

If you are fully into the Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks or are somewhat interested in the subject but find yourself stumbling on some of the tough questions, I offer my perspective here. As always, this is just my take on the subject, and if resonates with you, great, and if this does not resonate with you, that's okay too!

The short answer to the question is: no, Jerry Hick's death does not prove that LOA is a scam, but it does prove that he is human.

Focus on the Source, Not the Messenger

The biggest limiting belief that people wrestle with when thinking about Jerry Hick's death is thinking that he should have been perfect and followed Abraham's teachings perfectly because he was married to the woman who channelled them. But Jerry Hicks, like all of us, is human. And humans have flaws.

It's easy to understand something intellectually, but it is not always easy to apply it emotionally. Abraham Hicks essentially teaches us how to change our view the entire world, and every single thought and belief you have, into something positive.

That's pretty easy to do when you're a channelled collective consciousness, but something that's harder to do when you're an individual human trying to unlearn a lot of what has been taught to you about why the world is bad and why you should be afraid. "If we were standing in your physical shoes" does not mean that Abraham is actually standing in our physical shoes! It's tricky to be a human, and the challenge of transmuting our limiting beliefs to empowered beliefs is part of the whole game of being human.

Jerry Hicks had flaws because he is a human. Being close to a channeled source of God doesn't automatically make you exactly like God. And one of the flaws Jerry had was that he had resistance that eventually manifested as cancer. And he was afraid enough of it that he turned to Western/allopathic medicine and doing chemo treatments, because it gave him some amount of relief in the moment.

Everything Is Neutral

The Law of Attraction teaches that everything in life in neutral, and that it is our beliefs about a topic that make us choose to view that subject as "good" or "bad".

As humans, we tend to view death as a bad thing. And it is sad, to be sure. We love to spend time with those we care about, and it is upsetting when they are gone forever in the physical and we cannot spend time with them anymore. I do not want to devalue the sadness of this.

But it is also our choice to view death as bad. And because we have this collective belief that death is a terrible thing, when Jerry Hicks died, we viewed him as "failing" to use LOA.

But Jerry didn't fail to use LOA, because we all die. The Law of Attraction isn't about living forever. It's about learning to navigate and guide your emotions so that you can have as great and fun of a life as you can before you go!

And this part, the belief that death is not a bad thing, is the part that I believe freaks people out and makes them angry about LOA. When you decide that everything is neutral, and that it is your emotions that then determine something to be good or bad, and right or wrong, nothing is sacred anymore. And that scares people. If you have a negative view of the world and of others, then you'll believe that when there are no rules or order, that everyone is going to go out and hurt each other or screw each other over. It's why we have horror movies like The Purge.

But I would like to temper this notion. When you're living your life to the fullest, there's no reason to try to hurt other people. In fact, hurting other people doesn't really feel all that good.

On a side note here, there's a bit of a misconception that LOA is about giving yourself permission to be a dick to others in order to "stay happy". But this is a misconception because staying in a high vibration isn't does not mean you should say, "don't tell me any of your problems, good vibes only here". If you can't maintain your happiness because external circumstances are influencing it, then you don't have a stable vibration. That's YOUR issue. The Law of Attraction is more about noticing what is going on emotionally inside you, and doing internal work to fix it. It's not about telling people that they are never allowed to be sad around you or they'll mess up your vibe. LOA is internally based, not externally based. Others are just the mirror. When you're stable on the inside, you'll manifest positive interactions with people, not the other way around.

Also, being a dick to others just doesn't feel good (unless you're temporarily in an anger release). Why would you want to make someone cry in order to get what you want when you could manifest what you want without needing to bring others down? The more personally empowered we are, the less interested we are in hurting others because we don't need to in order to get what we want.

So coming back around to the main point, Jerry Hicks did not fail to use LOA. He had the human experience of dying. And as a side note, even Abraham does not view death as seriously as we living humans do. They even refer to it as "croaking" because they think the silliness of the word demonstrates this point.

We Don't Know Jerry Hick's Experience

Another point to keep in mind is that we are not Jerry Hicks, and we do not know his experience with having cancer and dying. We assume it was a terrible way to go out that was a 100% horrible experience, but we do not know this for sure because we do not know his individual experience.

Jerry was going to die, because again, humans eventually die. Cancer might have been his preferred method out. It could have given him the time to reflect on some things and given him time to say goodbyes. It may have been an empowering experience.

And on a personal note about cancer: when my little sister was 3 years old, she was diagnosed with leukemia. She's okay now, but that experience with facing the mortality of my sibling and struggle with being in the hospital gave me a lot of insight about bravery and self-compassion. Chemo was challenging, but the doctors were so kind and helpful and did everything they could to make her life better.

Even though the experience itself was hard, there was a lot I learned, and some of those lessons were positively powerful. Cancer is rough, but it can also be empowering. Many people say that some of the biggest challenges they have faced have been the most rewarding. So Jerry's experience may have been rewarding in a lot of ways and not entirely bad.

You Have to Decide for Yourself What to Believe

The hard truth is that we cannot say for sure whether Jerry Hicks was an honorable man or a total quack. You cannot "prove" for certain whether LOA is real or a bunch of hocus pocus. What you do have to do, however, is decide for yourself what to believe. And that's challenging.

The best way I've found to navigate determining what you believe is asking yourself, "does this thought or advice help me to become the person that I want? Is believing this thought helping me or hurting me?"

If believing in the Law of Attraction makes you feel happy and empowered, then follow its principles. If LOA makes you feel bad or like it is taking you in a direction you do not want to go, then find another thought that makes you feel better.

And with that thought, what do you think? Please let me know in the comments below!

image that says, "does Jerry Hick's death 'prove' the law of attraction is a scam?"

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