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The Vibrational Difference Between "Want" and "Need"

Text that says "The Vibrational Difference Between "Want" and "Need"

Do you want something, or do you need it? "Want" and "need" may seem to be synonymous, but are actually quite different in Law of Attraction terms.

Using the Emotional Guidance Scale, "need" comes from a place of "I don't have it. I cannot be happy unless I have it." It is lower on the scale because it makes joy conditional.

You will not be able to be a vibrational match to what it is that you want because what you want represents joy, and you are currently in a vibration of lack. It can't come to you because you've decided that the only way to be happy is to already have had it!

Wanting something, however, comes from a higher vibrational level. When you want something but don't need it, you are in the enjoyment of it. It feels like, "It would be nice to have this in addition to all of the things I already have that bring me joy, because because having it would bring me some additional joy, but I'm okay without it as well."

Since your joy is not conditional on receiving what you want, you are a vibrational match to your desire (which represents joy) and then it can manifest for you.

How to Know if You Want Something or Need It

It can be tricky sometimes to figure out whether you feel like you"want" or "need" something. The best way to determine which vibration you are in is to imagine that you will never get the thing that you want. How does it feel?

Do you feel slightly disappointed, but overall okay? You "want" it.

Do you feel devastated, in despair, or feel pure fear? You "need" it.

How to Shift from Needing to Wanting

There are a variety of techniques to shift your vibration, but one of the best ones is to actually continue to allow yourself to feel the fear of never getting the thing that you want for at least a couple of minutes.

Contrary to popular belief, only thinking "positive thoughts" about what you want and trying to push away your lower-vibing emotions doesn't always work.

When the fear or the anger is too entrenched, the best way to let go of your lower level vibrations is to let yourself sit with them and embrace them. By facing your emotions, they no longer are able to hold power over you. You realize that they are just trying to protect you, and when you give them some attention, they then feel heard and will dissipate.

Think of your fear and your anger as a puppy that is barking at the door because he doesn't realize that your friends are the ones ringing the doorbell. Once he sees your friends and realizes who they are, then it's all smiles and tail-wagging.

So sit with your fears, even though it may feel a little scary in the moment. Once you do so and allow the fear to wash through you, you will find that it soon becomes replaced with peace and feeling better. You start to pivot. You become more aware of other opportunities to find joy outside of the one thing that you want, and the need starts switching over to want. And then, in that space, you can manifest your desire. :)


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Text that says "The Vibrational Difference Between "Want" and "Need"

Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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