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Are You Vibrationally Aligned With Your Goals?

text that reads, "Are You Vibrationally Aligned With Your Goals?"

Manifesting your goals can sometimes feel tricky - especially if you aren't sure whether or not you are vibrationally aligned with them!

Fortunately, there is an easy process to use to determine if you're on track for manifesting your goal, and if not, how to course-correct so you can easily manifest your dreams.

the simple test

The easiest way to determine if you are going to manifest your goal is to take a look around you.

If what you want hasn't manifested yet and it doesn't feel like it's about to be on your doorstep any day now, then you're not 100% aligned to your goal.

is it a goal or a daydream?

If you're not feeling 100% aligned with your goal, the first thing to do is to check within yourself to determine if your desire is a goal or a daydream.

While goals and daydreams can initially seem similar, they are very different in their ability to bring you what you want in the physical realm.

A daydream is a fantasy of what could be, but is not something that you believe will really happen to you. For most people, imagining being a rockstar or a millionaire would be an example of this. Daydreams are fun to imagine and can help raise your vibration, but they aren't the same thing as aligning yourself to a goal because you don't have an emotional attachment to them like you do with a real goal.

A goal, however, is something more concrete that feels in the realm of possibility. Starting your own band or saving an extra $500 this month could be examples of a goal because, depending on where you currently are vibrationally, they are manifestations that feel like they have the ability to be possible. They will bring up more emotions - positive and negative - because they are tangible.

goals are always shifting

Another important aspect to think about when trying to set a goal is to reframe what goals are. Try to think of goal setting and achieving not as an end journey but a continuous processes.

Let's say that you do want to become a millionaire, but right now it is in the realm of daydreams. You do not feel that you can get there from where you currently are.

The best thing to do would be to research and think about how millionaires get to where they are. For example, according to The Millionaire Next Door, 90% of millionaires do not start off being rich. Instead, they take small actions each day like investing in a business and saving money that allows them to grow their net worth over time.

Another way to think about it: even millionaires have to make their first $10 from a client, then $100, then $1,000. Each of those goals brings up limiting beliefs that they have to work through so they can advance to the next level. Their ability to manifest money continually increases, but the do not start off going from $0 to 1 million. It's a process.

how to set vibrationally-aligned goals

So the trick to setting a vibrationally-aligned goal, is to take your long-term goal and reduce it down to a smaller goal until you reach one that "pings" and brings up some limiting beliefs.

If your goal is to be a millionaire, for instance, think about reducing that goal down to making your first $100 from your new businesses. If you goal is to lose 50 pounds, then reduce that goal down to 3 pounds.

If this smaller goal feels easily achievable and good, then bump up the intensity of the goal until it brings up fear or any negative reaction. Maybe $100 and 3 pounds seems doable, but $500 or losing 10 pounds brings up fear.

Once you hit that feeling of fear, then you know your current vibrational level on the subject. From there use a technique such as pivoting or reaching up the emotional guidance scale to release your fears and limiting beliefs around making that amount of money or losing that amount of weight.

When you release enough of those limiting beliefs that making $1,000 or losing 10 pounds seems easy and fun (and you've done it) then congratulations, you have achieved that goal! You can then bump up your goal to a higher intensity and make things continuously better if you wish.


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text that reads, "Are You Vibrationally Aligned With Your Goals?"


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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