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How to Manifest Something Instantly

How to Manifest Something Instantly

When you first learn about the Law of Attraction, the idea of getting everything that you've dreamed of is super exciting! And naturally, you want it to come to you as soon as possible.

So how do you manifest anything you want quickly to you?

Well, the truth is that depends on how vibrationally aligned you are to getting what you want, and somewhat ironically, if you are okay with not getting you want instantaneously.

Why You're Not Already Manifesting What You Want Instantly

Most people are really good at doing the first steps towards getting what they want: they write down their desires, they do affirmations, and some go another level and start clearing out their limiting beliefs.

However, one of the limiting beliefs that is the trickiest to let go of but absolutely vital to manifesting anything instantly is... the feeling of needing to manifest what you want instantly.

When you hold the vibration of NEEDing your manifestation to happen instantly (instead of simply WANTing it to), you are actually holding a vibration of fear that what you want is not going to come, which keeps you stuck in a position of not manifesting it.

This is pretty common limiting belief for a couple of reasons, which fortunately both can be released.

Using Manifestation to "Prove" LOA Works

Reason #1 is that for some people (including me!), they are unintentionally using this desire to manifest in a specific timeframe as a way to "prove" that the Law of Attraction works. They decide that "if what I want shows up now, then LOA is real. If it doesn't, then it is fake."

If this is the case for you, keep in mind that there is no way to "prove" LOA is real - you have to decide for yourself whether or not you believe in it. On a more pragmatic level, you can view LOA as simply a tool to help yourself achieve your goals and ask yourself, is this a tool that hinders me or helps me? Personally, I have found it to be quite helpful!

Fear of Negative Consequences

The other reason people feel that they must manifest what they want in a particular timeframe is because they are afraid of the consequences if what they want doesn't come to them. They believe something bad will happen to them if they don't get what they want in a specific amount of time.

If this is you, the problem with needing your manifestation within a set time frame instead of trusting that it will come to you at the perfect time is that you are trying to control an aspect of "how" something comes - the time.

By needing it to manifest in what you think is the best time, you are limiting yourself from the Universe giving you a potentially better option than you can currently see from your vibrational perspective.

This can be a little complicated to understand sometimes, so a good analogy for this concept comes from an Abraham Hicks story.

One time, Esther needed to buy some plane tickets to an upcoming event, but simply did not feel inspired to purchase them yet. She kept waiting day after day, and her husband Jerry was getting nervous and started pushing her to go buy the tickets. But she simply didn't feel inspired yet.

Eventually, pretty close to when she was supposed to fly out, she suddenly felt inspired to purchase the tickets. She quickly called a booking agent who then expressed surprise at Esther's timing because the tickets just went on sale!

If Esher had insisted that she needed to buy the tickets immediately, despite her intuition saying no, and had given into Jerry's fear of not getting the tickets, then she would have had to pay a lot more for them or they might not have been available at all. Her trust in perfect timing allowed her to get the tickets at a good price!

How to Manifest Something Instantly: Recap

The two elements to manifesting anything quickly are to:

  1. visualize what you want and get excited about it happening

  2. let go of needing it to come immediately and trust that it will come in perfect time

And if you would like further help in manifesting what you want and letting go of your fears, check out Simply Lovely Breakthrough to get specialized support in helping you achieve the romance, health, happiness, and wealth you deserve.

How to Manifest Something Instantly

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Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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