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3 Signs That Your Manifestation Is On Its Way

3 Signs That Your Manifestation Is On Its Way

You've been doing the work, focusing on what you want, maybe doing affirmations or creating vision boards, but... you're not sure if what you want is coming to you.

How do you know if what you want to manifest is close?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to tell that what you want is coming! Read below to learn the top 3 signs that you manifestation is on its way.

The Basics of Manifestation

In order to correctly understand the signs of whether or not a manifestation is on its way, it is first important to understand the structure of how manifestation works.

Manifestation occurs in a process of 4 stages:

  1. You focus on what you want

  2. Emotions & thoughts about your desired manifestation come up

  3. You start to see "coincidences" as this manifestation occurs in the physical for others or around you

  4. You receive your desired manifestation!

As you progress through each stage, different signs will alert you to how aligned or not you are with your goal. Overall, the more positive and good you feel in each of these stages, the close you are to manifesting your desired outcome.

Sign #1: You Are Able to Successfully Focus on What You Want

The first sign that your manifestation is on the way is if you are able focus and visualize what it is that you want!

While it may sound kind of obvious when written out, knowing what it is that you really want is often the hardest part! This is because either:

  1. You dilute your desire by focusing on what you think you should want or have to do in order to manifest your desire (you feel like you must compromise or do something you do not want to do first in order to get what you want).

  2. You accidentally focus on what it is that you do not want instead (like saying "I don't want to be poor" instead of "I want to be wealthy").

To make sure that you are successfully focusing on your pure desire instead of what you don't want, ask yourself to write down what you want in positive terms.

Another great prompt is to ask yourself is, "If anything I wrote down was guaranteed to come true, what would I desire?" The cuts away through a lot of the "shoulds" so you can focus on your true wants!

Sign #2: You Genuinely Feel that What You Want Is Coming to You

This is stage 2 of the process of a manifestation. As you focus on what is is that you want, emotions and stories will come up for you that indicate how aligned to you desire you currently are.

If you are able to visualize what you want and feel relaxed and excited that what you want is coming to you, then you are well on your way to manifesting it.

However, if you have feelings of anger or fear pop up (like "this is taking too long" or "what if something bad happens?"), then you have some limiting beliefs that are blocking your way towards manifesting!

This can also occur if, while fantasizing about your dream desire, something bad all of a sudden happens in your visualization. For example, if you're trying to visualize your dream hottie boyfriend and it is going well but all of a sudden he runs off with another girl, then you have a limiting belief around fidelity or worthiness of receiving your ideal romantic partner.

Fortunately, there are a variety of techniques to clear through any limiting beliefs that are hindering your manifestation, some of which I have listed much more in-depth here.

While it can be frustrating to have to deal with limiting beliefs, keep in mind that it is a GOOD thing that they are showing up now. Dealing with and releasing your limiting beliefs in the emotions stage means that they will not have to manifest in the physical to get your attention to deal with them!

So once you work through your limiting beliefs, and feel genuinely excited and happy about your manifestation being on its way, then it is a good indicator that what you want is close.

Sign #3: You Notice Other People Manifesting What You Want

Coincidences and synchronicities are the final sign that want you want is on its way. In this stage, you notice other people having what you want, or you see signs like billboards or news articles about it.

This is confirmation that what you want is on its way! The Universe is showing you your desires in the physical.

Sometimes any remaining limiting beliefs you have about receiving what you want will manifest here in thoughts like "wow, everybody has this but me" or "I can't ever have that because __x__". It can bring up any feelings of scarcity and the fear of not being able to get what you want.

The way to counter these limiting beliefs is to remind yourself that you can choose to see these physical manifestations as either proof that you will never get what you want, or proof that you can. So you might as well choose them as positive proof!

Manifestation Is on Its Way: Recap

So in short, the 3 ways to know that your manifestation is close is:

  1. Being able to visualize what you want

  2. Having positive feelings that it is on its way

  3. Noticing others having what you desire

Know what you want, know that it's coming, and clear out any limiting beliefs that say otherwise, and what you want is well on its way!

And if you would further help in aligning to what you want while clearing away your limiting beliefs, check out Simply Lovely Breakthrough to get specialized support in helping you achieve the romance, health, happiness, and wealth you deserve.

3 Signs That Your Manifestation Is On Its Way


Image of the 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Your Desires PDF

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